I’m an ex-fashion blogger

After almost 5 years, I’ve decided to end this fashion blog. I first started the blog because I had some extra time, I wanted to get more involved in the fashion world and I wanted to learn more about social media to help my full-time career (working at an ad agency). What I got out of this blog is way more than I expected. I ended up getting a job working in social media full-time, I made a bit of money from the blog and got some free stuff (blog perks I’ll miss!), and I met some great boston bloggers at events and conferences around the city.

As you fellow bloggers know, running a blog takes a lot of time (like 20 hours a week minimum) in order to come up with new blog post ideas, take photos, write the posts, promote the blog posts, attend events and follow and comment on other blogs. I had a great time doing all of that, but over the summer I realized it was all taking up more time than I wanted. I thought it was maybe because the summer was busy and once the winter came where I’m spending more time indoors, that I’d want to get back into the blog. But that’s just not the case.

A lot has changed in my life since I started this blog. I’m engaged! Wedding planning has been my focus during down times..and will continue to get busier leading up to my 9/27/14 wedding date. I was promoted at work! I’m lucky enough to enjoy my job and the people I work with, so I’ve been working hard, which has luckily paid off, but it also means it’s going to continue to keep my plenty busy. We’re house hunting! My fiance and I just started looking a couple months ago, but open houses on weekends keep us busy. We’re also looking for a fixer upper so once we find something, we’ll have our hands full. And I’ve been trying to spend time that I would normally spend blogging on cooking (have a beef stew in the crock pot right now!) and working out (I’m not greatest at this one..need to get more consistent).

So, it’s time for me to become an ex-fashion blogger. theclothingmenu.com will stay live for another year so you can continue to look through for inspiration on what to wear to work. If you want to stay in touch, please follow me and say hi on Twitter. Thanks for reading!

Work outfit as a physical therapist

As those of you who read this blog regularly know, I was in physical therapy for awhile (twice a week for two and a half months). I finished at the beginning of June after breaking my arm near the shoulder in January. I’m just about 100% – still need to stretch regularly to get my full range of motion back.

But anyway, while I was at PT, I had a lot of time to observe what everyone who works there wears. Dressing as a physical therapist is a little tricky because you have to balance practicality with style. Physical therapists are on their feet a lot and are physically helping their patients by stretching them out or teaching them new moves. I had a conversation about this with my physical therapist one day and she gave me these do’s and don’ts for how to dress for work as a physical therapist:

Do wear

  • Flat, comfortable shoes.
  • Pants. You can mix it up with capris or colored pants.
  • A watch to make sure you’re sticking to the schedule so your patients are getting in and out on time.
  • Minimal, short jewelry so their not getting caught on exercise equipment or your patients!
  • Hair pulled back if you have long hair.

Don’t wear

  • Low pants or shirts – keep it professional!
  • Long necklaces or scarfs that will get in the way.
  • Cargo pants (they’re too casual).
  • Dresses, skirts or heels (because you’ll just look ridiculous).

For more inspiration, here’s more on what to wear as a physical therapist:

what to wear as a physical therapist

Men: Fossil watch / Gap khaki relaxed fit pants / Sperry top-sider shoes / Ralph Lauren polo 

Women: Michael Kors rose gold bracelet / LOFT tan cropped pants / Shop Ruche pink studded flats / Fossil white rose gold watch / Corey Lynn Calter pink trim button-down shirt

White shoes for summer

White shoes are a great alternative to nude shoes. There’s something about this color that is sophisticated and so summer! You can’t get away with these year round though, so just keep that in mind for your budget. All the shoes below are under $100..except for the Cynthia Vincent flats (#5).

white shoes

1 – Shoemint / 2 – Chinese Laundry / 3 – Steve Madden / 4 – Shop Ruche / 5 – Cynthia Vincent / 6 – Enzo Angiolini

Menswear Monday: how to wear shorts to work

Holy heat wave!  If you work in a casual/creative office, then you’re lucky because you can stay cool during the heat of the summer by wearing shorts (just don’t wear them every day). J. Crew has a lot of shorts to choose from in different styles and colors that would all be appropriate for work. When wearing shorts to work, follow these 3 tips:

  1. Don’t wear denim or cargo shorts and make sure they hit just above the knee. Keep anything that doesn’t fit this criteria for the weekend.
  2. Wear shoes, not sandals. Since shorts are already casual enough, shoes will help keep the weekend away from the office. Boat shoes or casual sneakers (like Converse) work well.
  3. For your top, wear a button down shirt, polo or light sweater. Again, keep the t-shirt for the weekend.

Do you have any other tips for wearing shorts to work?

menswear monday wearing shorts to work

(all shorts from J. Crew)

Clothes I bought in June

I’m on a roll with staying under my $200/month budget! This month I bought a few items for work for a total of $119.45. First, I got a pair of black dress cropped pants from LOFT. I’m loving wearing capris to work over the summer – way better than full length pants. Second, I bought a Marc by Marc Jacobs shirt from TJ Maxx. I threw away the receipt before I could jot down the price, but I think it was around $40. Lastly, I finally bought a bauble necklace! Thanks to ILY Couture and a discount code from J’s Everyday Fashion blog, this pink bauble necklace was only $19.95.

clothes I bought in JuneJoin the Budgeting Bloggers group – what did you buy last month?

The winner of the Popbasic collection is..

Erica (@riceek)! Congrats – you get to try out a maxi skirt, tee and necklace with the Piperlime scarf you suggested because you won the Popbasic Sherwood micro-collection!

For everyone else, don’t worry, the new Popbasic Salut collection is coming soon..striped shirt, gold chain and leather clutch. Classics!

Popbasic Salut collection

Tips for guys figuring out which shoes to wear

The other day on my way into work, I noticed a guy wearing casual tan cargo pants with dressy black shoes. I felt bad for the guy. He was totally not dressed right, but he had no idea. So, guys, here are some tips for which shoes to wear with which pants so you don’t look fashion-confused like the guy I saw:

  • The safest thing to do is to wear brown (shoes) with brown (pants).
  • If you’re wearing cotton pants or pants with cargos, wear casual shoes.
  • Dressy shoes are usually shiny and thinner than casual shoes. Casual shoes have laces a lot of times and are made of leather or suede.

men's shoes and pants

(left) Dressy: Lauren by Ralph Lauren dress pants / Giorgio Brutini dress shoes

(right) Casual: Dockers khaki pants / J. Crew Quoddy casual shoes

Summer-themed jewelry

Happy summer! It was a great first weekend of summer in the northeast. Warm, clear skies and not too humid. For the few months that we are stuck inside working while it’s gorgeous outside, bring some of the beach inside with cute summer jewelry, like the Lilly Pulitzer starfish cuff and others!

summer jewelry

Adjewelry anchor earrings / Lilly Pulitzer starfish cuff / Jared tropical fish necklace / Betsey Johnson starfish earrings / Smithsonian seahorse necklace

Win the Popbasic Sherwood Collection!

I love the concept behind Popbasic. They release micro-collections with 3 clothing items to help build your style over time. The past few collections I’ve seen are on-trend and totally affordable. Their Sherwood Collection, available now, includes these 3 pieces (the tee, maxi skirt and necklace) for only $68! And the best news..Popbasic is giving away the full Sherwood Collection to one lucky the clothing menu reader! 

popbasic giveaway

All you have to do to enter to win is:

Tweet mentioning @pop_basic and @KristenD56 letting us know how you would style this collection


Write on the Popbasic Facebook page letting Popbasic know how you would style the collection and leave a comment on this blog letting me know you did that

Enter by next Wednesday, June 26 midnight EST. Winner will be announced on this blog next Friday – good luck!


What to wear to work on a breezy summer day

I’ve been a member of Pose for a little over a year now (check it out to see all my work outfits). Just recently they added a new feature to the app that I find super-helpful. Each morning, I get an email from Pose with the weather report for where I live and two outfit ideas related to the weather. So when the weather report yesterday said it was going to be breezy, I immediately ruled out wearing a flowy skirt or dress (holding down a dress while walking in the city through wind tunnels is the worst!) Then I scrolled down in the email and saw that one of the outfits was someone wearing a pencil skirt – perfect for a summer, breezy day!

work outfit

top: Jason Wu for Target / pencil skirt: H&M / yellow belt: from a Jason Wu for Target dress