Cobalt blue pants 3 ways

In addition to mint green, cobalt blue is one of the big color trends this season.  The other day at my office, some of us girls noticed that I was wearing a cobalt blue dress, someone else was wearing cobalt blue pants, another person was wearing a cobalt blue shirt and I think there were others too with that color.  If you want to be a part of this trend, I suggest getting a pair of cobalt blue pants.  It is a bit of a tricky color to get creative with, but there are options, like these 3 outfits:

Cobalt blue skinny jeans – Fade to Blue

White blouse – Gracia

Black blazer – Esley from ModCloth

Cobalt blue skinny jeans – Fade to Blue

Polka dot puff sleeve top – Forever 21

Cobalt blue skinny jeans – Fade to Blue 

Pink chambray top – Target

Boat shoes – Sebago

What do you think of this color?

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  1. I love the cobalt blue color. I love the blue and white combination. I would also love a yellow ochre top along with the cobalt blue pants. What do you think of that combination Kristen?

  2. Rajni – yes I think a pale or ochre yellow would look great with cobalt blue. I actually had that combo on my list initially when I put this together!

  3. I haven’t paired my cobalt skinnies with pink yet. Love the idea!

  4. ok i want some!

  5. Do you think red shoes would go with cobalt blue?

  6., I think red shoes with blue pants will look too 4th of July/American flag no matter what kind of top is with it.


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