Interview with the founder of Anya Collections

I love connecting with up-and-coming fashion designers, hearing about how they got started.  So I was glad to hear from Rajni who is the founder of Anya Collections, a clothing line with pretty details and fabric.  Here’s a little about Rajni and her clothing line:

It’s interesting that you started working in engineering and then became interested in fashion, graduating from FIT.  What was it that pushed you to leave your previous career for fashion?

I have always been interested in art, design and fashion from my childhood days. My dad is an engineer and had his own transformer manufacturing business. So I was hooked on early into engineering and worked with my dad. After coming to NY, I worked as an electrical engineer in the city for a few years. While at it, I took a few classes on silk painting in my free time and loved it. I was looking to do a bit more creative work. NYC, being the capital of fashion in the US was a great place to explore and learn. I built up my portfolio, quit my engineering job, and applied to the Fashion Institute of Technology in NY. I graduated Magna Cum Laude with an AAS degree.

What was your inspiration for the fall collection?

I was inspired by the vibrant colors and rich culture of Southern India. I combine rich colors in gold brocades, beads and embroidery and use them on neutral fabrics- black, navy, and whites. The collection brings out a contrast in colors yet stylish.

What advice do you have for working women who want to look stylish at the office?

Combine tailored and feminine pieces with pencil skirts or pants along with a bold accessory.

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