3 ways to wear leggings to work

Leggings are a necessity for winter in cooler climates.  They are super comfortable, warm and fit nicely under boots for days you have to trudge through the snow or rain to get to the office. There are lots of ways to wear leggings to work.  Here are a few:

1) Leggings with a tunic or dress – this is the most common way to wear leggings. A warmer take on tights!

J. Jill

2) Leather leggings with a sweater – this can only work for creative work environments, but leather leggings under a sweater is a way to add some unexpected style to your outfit.

Brooklyn Blonde

3) Color leggings under layers – this is a fun way to add a pop of color on bland winter days. Wear the color leggings under a sweater or dress and cardigan with a scarf for a comfortable, stylish day at the office!



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  1. hmm… I have a tortured relationship with leggings. They seem so 1984 to me (and boy did I have a collection of leggings and big shirts. wow.), but it’s a cute look with a belt & boots right now. Could you give us some legging no-no’s?

  2. Haha..you should totally try leggings Erica. So comfortable and warm – and stylish! The big no-no is to not cover your behind. Wear a tunic, dress or oversized shirt that covers your butt!

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