Every man should own this: blue non-iron Brooks Brothers shirt

Yup..that’s right.  I’m writing about men’s fashion! I’ve been told multiple times by my male co-workers that I should write about men’s fashion, but I’ve been putting it off because it’s a little intimidating.  As much as women give guys a hard time about what they wear, men’s fashion does have its challenges.  Guys don’t have the choices between pants, jeans, skirts and dresses like we do, so it can be tough adding variety to guy’s wardrobes. It can also be a challenge getting a suit, shirt, shoes, socks and ties to match. I’ve had to occasionally help my boyfriend with this and even I’ve been stumped a few times as to what tie goes with his shirt.  Anyway, I’m excited to start this new men’s style series on my blog.  Hope you enjoy and please pass this along to your guy friends, boyfriends or husbands!

For my first men’s style post, I’m featuring something every man who works in an office should own: the classic blue dress shirt. My boyfriend owns this non-iron Brooks Brothers shirt and I will say the non-iron part is pretty impressive (no dry cleaning bill!). It needs some ironing when it comes out of the dryer, but not nearly as much as other shirts.  Plus it’s a great quality and available in a variety of sizes for all body types.

Brooks Brothers non-iron dress shirt

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  1. OK, you’ve inspired me to order one of these shirts. I clicked through to the site and see that they actually have something that might fit me – thinking the Extra Slim Fit with a 37 sleeve! (I can never find shirts that are fitted that have sleeves that long…usually if the sleeve is that long, they’re cut for a professional football player). And they’re on sale for $44 bucks. Not bad.

  2. Nice – yes, that’s a great price! My bf also has a hard time finding shirts that fit right and he said this fit him perfectly.

  3. these shirts are amazing – the husband is borderline obsessed. I also highly recommend!

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