HBO Girls Jessa style

I just finished watching the second episode of this season. Shorteralls anyone? Jessa hasn’t been in this season much so far. I think she was pregnant or just had a baby during the filming. Did anyone else hear that? Anyway, for the brief times we’ve seen her this season, Jessa’s style remains the same as last season. I think she primarily shops vintage but might also shop at places like Urban Outfitters or Gypsy Warrior. Where do you think Jessa shops for clothes?

jessa hbo girls style

Gypsy Warrior off-the-shoulder dress / Urban Outfitters disk earrings / Gypsy Warrior printed skinny jeans / Urban Renewal tie dye sweatshirt / Urban Renewal studded leather ankle boots

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  1. i’m obsessed with that show, it is awesome :)

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