HBO Girls Marnie fashion

I think out of all of the Girls, I relate the most to Marnie. There are definitely a lot of things I don’t have in common with her, but she’s pretty much the Charlotte of the group, who I also related to. Anyway, Marnie’s style is preppy and polished. She probably shops at places like Club Monaco, Banana Republic and Madewell.

Club Monaco sheath dress / Madewell brown leather boots / gray Club Monaco sweater / Banana Republic burgandy sweater dress / Banana Republic honeycomb sweater skirt

What do you think of Marnie’s style?


Marnie pic from The article this picture was taken from was actually pretty funny..a guy’s perspective on Girls.

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  1. Nice blog! Found you via Pose

  2. Thanks Lily for visiting my blog! I’ll look out for you on Pose!

  3. This is great, Kristen! You definitely remind me the most of Marnie. :)

  4. Haha – thanks Meaghan. Hopefully I’m not quite as crazy as she is!

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