How to accessorize a work outfit with a skinny belt

I love skinny belts. They are a great accessory for any one because when worn around the waist, they flatter any body type especially when wearing bulky winter clothes.  Here are two ways I wore a skinny belt to work recently:

1) Skinny belt with a slouchy sweater – usually I wear this sweater with a pair of jeans. I love the shape of it and it’s warm (I got it from ASOS last year). This time I tried bringing some structure to the sweater by wrapping a skinny belt around it and I liked the result!

2) Skinny belt with a blouse – This polka dot shirt was a Marshalls find. It’s not a fitted shirt at all so I like wearing it with a skinny belt to add some shape to it. Similar to this outfit, I also love a skinny belt to bring shape to a flowy dress.

How do you wear skinny belts?

PS – I have a small waist so it’s been tough finding a belt that fits without a lot of extra belt hanging off. All of my skinny belts are from Forever 21 because they are the only place I’ve found that has XS belts.

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  1. Hi Kristen,
    I love the skinny belt with the slouchy sweater on you. Love that look.

  2. Thanks Rajni!

  3. lovely looks! xx

    The Provocative Couture

  4. Well, look at you and your teeny tiny waist :) . Both of these outfits are incredibly flattering!

  5. Haha – thanks Marissa!

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