Brittany Snow shows us how to wear a pretty pink blazer

I love Brittany Snow and it’s all because of the show American Dreams, which lasted only a few seasons, but I own it on DVD.  Yup..  She’s of course been in other things since then (John Tucker Must Die) and is all adult now with her cute new bob.  I love her in this pretty pink blazer – a really cute look for work especially as we get closer to spring. If you feel like splurging, I found a similar Stella McCartney blazer on sale for $519.  If you buy it, you have to send me a picture of how you style it :)

Brittany Snow pink blazer

Brittany Snow pic from Zara is the New Black

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  1. I have a bright pink blazer I’m obsessed with – but not a pale pink one! Great idea for a spring wardrobe!

  2. yah you have to be careful with pink, but this is super cute!

  3. This is so pretty! I absolutely LOVE this pink blazer!

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