7 Male Grooming Habits Women Hate the Most

Published On June 4, 2018 | By Clare Louise | Appliances

They say that women are hard to impress. But no, it’s some of your habits that make us go crazy. When it comes to grooming, it’s more than just about your physical appearance. There some other things you need to take into consideration to woo the woman of your dreams. Take a look;

  1. Using too much fragrance

If you think announcing your arrival by the smell of your cologne is a good thing, then you definitely need some grooming lessons. In fact, women believe that when a man is wearing an overwhelming scent he’s just trying too hard to impress. As much as you want to smell good, try not to overdo it. Just a squirt or two is more than enough. You should also have different scents for different occasions.

  1. Not moisturizing

I wonder who told men that a sandpaper skin is macho and a turn on for women. Truth is, no lady wants to come into contact with skin that feels like dried out raisin. It’s such a turnoff. Try making it more enjoyable to touch by moisturizing regularly not only on Christmas. A moisturizer not only takes care of your dry, flaky skin, it also makes you look more attractive. Drinking water also works to hydrate your skin.

However, don’t go overboard with the moisturizers, we are not in a competition. It’s sissy and freaky too.

  1. Unpleasant Body odor

It’s understandable to smell a little sweaty after a workout or when it’s extremely hot. But when you show up on a date reeking of bad body odor, then that’s a problem and major turn off and high chances are that’s the last you’ll see of her.

You can take care of this by,

  1.    Taking a shower daily to ensure that you’re constantly fresh. If sweating is genetically linked, follow a good hygiene routine, use aluminum-based deodorant and a pH balanced shower gel.
  2.    Put on clean clothes everyday

iii.    One of the reasons colognes and deodorants were invented, is to keep you smelling good. So make them your best friend.

  1. Flawless Brow game

If you knew how long it takes us to perfect the arches, then you’d know better than trying to bring competition. Sculpt your biceps not eyebrows and you can be sure they’ll be no WW3. However, that doesn’t mean that you grow a thicket. It means that you maintain your eyebrows without overdoing it.

For those with unibrows, it’s distracting and unattractive. So get them tweezed, waxed or something!

  1. Taking over the bathroom

After watching the numerous ads on men grooming products in the media, you go ahead and think that it’s cool to bring the whole grooming aisle from the supermarket home? Well, for your information, taking up every available space in the bathroom is one of the most if not all women’s pet peeves especially when you move in. We don’t mean to restrict you from getting grooming products, all that we want is for you to consider enough room for our products too.

  1. Going all pubic bald

We like hair on our men, only in acceptable amounts and lengths. Just so you know, we appreciate the deforestation efforts though we hate it when you shave all of your pubic hair. However, just take care of the manageable lengths. Don’t keep it unkempt so that it’s easier for us to find what we’re looking for.

  1. Keeping long or dirty nails

Your nails both finger and toenails tell a lot about your general personal hygiene. If they look gross, then every woman will be wondering about your overall hygiene and they will be immediately turned off. The same applies to toenails. It doesn’t matter if you are always in socks and shoes.

Long nails, no matter how clean, are a deal breaker. If we are not in a competition on whose are the longest, get a clipper and chop them off!


Grooming is a way to tell apart a man who takes care of himself and one who doesn’t. Most of the time, men don’t realize when they are putting women off. With the above tips, I believe you’ve gotten ideas on how to correct some of those gross mistakes.

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