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Emerald is the 2013 Pantone color of the year!

Not that this means much, but I do like emerald, so I’m fine with the color being more prominent this year since it’s the 2013 Pantone color of the year.  It is my birthstone after all!

It’s a really pretty color and there are lots of ways to incorporate it into your work outfits.

Sydne Style

Street Peeper

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Shoe shopping at DSW

I have said this before, but I hate shoe shopping!  Shoes are expensive, they hurt your feet and they’re not fun to shop for (in my opinion..I know I’m outnumbered). So when I need new shoes, my go-to is DSW because they have a big selection in one place with brand names and reasonable prices. If I need a new pair of shoes, I usually start off by going to the Downtown Crossing DSW to browse around and try some on.  But I have found that I usually end up buying from because they have more to choose from and you can return online purchases to a store.

Last month, I wanted a pair of flat black ankle boots to wear with leggings, etc. I ended up going with these Diba ankle boots that I found on  $55 and my feet haven’t hurt wearing them!

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What to wear to work: dressing up jeans

I think everyone would agree with me that a good pair (or two or three) of boots is a winter staple.  Right?  They keep you warm and there are so many style variations to choose from.  I really like Alison’s boots here.  I like the brown color and the heels are the perfect size for the office.  Hint – avoid boots with super high heels..they’ll look a little too Pretty Woman (before she met Richard Gere if you know what I mean).  And how do you dress up a solid color blouse?  Add a fun necklace, like Alison!

Shirt – Ann Taylor (sale rack!)

Boots – Vince Camuto (from DSW)

Necklace – Banana Republic

What do you wear to work?  Send me a picture!  2 outfits is even better!

What to wear to a work holiday party

I’m lucky enough to work at a company that goes all out for our annual holiday party where there is plenty of food, drinks, dressing up, friends, and dancing.  Most of the girls wear a cocktail dress and guys wear suits.  For some reason this year, I didn’t want to wear a dress.  I didn’t want to wear a dress I had already worn and I didn’t feel like spending money on a new dress, so I decided to work with what I had to put together this outfit:

I already had in my closet the skirt, shoes and necklace.  All I needed was a sequin top.  After going to H&M, Ann Taylor Loft, TJ Maxx, and Marshall’s, I finally found what I was looking for at Forever 21 – for only $12!  While I was there I also bought a pair of earrings..and a belt..and a scarf..  What did you wear to your work holiday party?

Top – Forever 21

Skirt – Rodarte for Target

Shoes – M by Marinelli (from DSW)

Necklace – from Filene’s Basement (it was my back-up necklace for last year’s work holiday party outfit)

Earrings – Forever 21

What do you wear to work?  Send me a picture!  2 outfits is even better!

Look what I bought!

I’ve been looking for a pair of everyday winter boots.  I had a gray pair last year that I got at DSW that worked for the season, but didn’t make it through the winter.  I ended wearing them so much they got a whole in the heel, which wasn’t helpful when walking through snow.  So I got a Toms catalog in the mail the other day and saw some cute fleece/faux fur lined boots that they said are warm, so I thought I’d give them a try!

I’ve worn these once so far and they are warm.  I’m a little hesitant to believe they’ll last through walks in the snow and sand through the winter.. so we’ll see!

A guy’s guy on fashion

My boyfriend is a guy’s guy.  For example, in his 1 bedroom apartment he has 2 bags of ice hockey equipment, at least 3 hockey sticks, golf clubs, a bike, golf balls, tennis balls, and roller blades.  He dresses nice – his closet is full of polo shirts and button-up collared shirts, mostly in the color blue.

And as you know from this blog, I like fashion and like to think that I dress with style.  But I have noticed that my fashionable outfits don’t always translate to my guy’s guy boyfriend.  That made me think about why girls get dressed up.  When you get all excited about the trendy dress you bought, what is the guy thinking?  So this all led to my new blog post series, “a guy’s guy on fashion,” where I’ll post a picture of what I think is a stylish outfit I wore and tell you what a guy’s guy thinks of it, thanks to the honest words of my boyfriend!

We’ll start with this outfit I wore on Saturday afternoon for a casual day watching the Bruin’s/Flyers game at this apartment.  I’m wearing a black Asos tee, taupe lamixx sweater, gray paperdenim&cloth jeans, and pale pink BCBG girl flats (which you might remember from earlier).

(Yup, that’s his bike!)

Here’s what a guy’s guy thinks of what I’m wearing:

the bf: “What are you wearing?”

me: “What?”

the bf: “What are those shoes?”

me: “They’re ballet flats.  Like a ballerina.”

the bf: “They look like clogs.”

me: “Clogs??  Do you know what clogs are?”

the bf: “Wait, no, I mean crocs.”

Huh?  My shoes are not crocs, but he’s convinced they are.  He continued, “The plain and pastel flat dull shine makes them look like material crocs are made of.  They look like fancy crocs.  Like crocs hired Calvin Klein to make crocs.  The jeans look like you’re waiting for a flood.  I like that the jeans are tight, but they look like ankle waders.  I like the black shirt because it’s the most normal thing you’re wearing.  And from the side, the sweater looks like something a male college professor would wear.”

:)  Gotta love him!

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The start of spring shopping

I’m so excited spring is just about here!  Today I went shopping for the warm weather that will hopefully be coming soon.  My plan was to go to Loehmann’s, the only location here in MA.  After a 30 minute drive, I found out that there is no longer a Loehmann’s in MA!  I remember hearing about them going bankrupt, but then I thought it had been bought out and was saved.  I just thought they would have sent me some kind of goodbye letter or something after all the other mailings I got from them, but understandable that’s not on their priority list!

So anyway, I was disappointed, but made the best of it and went to DSW, Marshall’s, Nordstrom Rack and Urban Outfitters.  I didn’t have any luck with clothes, but bought these 2 pairs of shoes for a total of $94.90!  Do you like them?

Black wedge Seychelles shoes.  Seychelles is a brand I’ve been wearing for awhile because all their shoes have the two qualities I look for – style and comfort.  I’ll probably wear these shoes to work a lot.  I’m a big fan of a low heel, especially when it’s a wedge shoe.

I was looking for a casual neutral flat and am really happy I found these BCBG Paris shoes.  They are a very pale pink and comfortable.  I can’t wait to wear them!