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Published On September 6, 2018 | By Christina Touchette | Clothing

FXD is a workwear brand that is a popular choice for many blue-collar workers. With a variety of work pants, work shirts, and work boots that is both durable and stylish, FXD has established a reputation for quality and comfort.

The goal of FXD is pretty simple. The brand just wants to offer apparel that is designed for a purpose. That’s why FXD’s workwear never fails to deliver a strong style statement. If you want to browse the variety of workwear offered by FXD, then log on to today and order the stuff you like online.

Brief History of the Brand

FXD happens to be a propriety brand of a company called Globe International. The company came into existence in 1980 and was first established as a streetwear company. With FXD, the company promises to deliver guaranteed and consistent style and robustness. This feature of FXD’s workwear is nothing new, considering Globe International has already gained recognition for designing first-rate surfing and skateboarding wear.

Why Choose FXD Workwear

The importance of wearing workwear cannot be underestimated, especially for blue-collar workers who need to feel comfortable in what they’re wearing at work. And FXD workwear provides blue-collar workers with maximum comfort. In fact, you would find many workers who rate FXD as the best workwear brand. With its latest range of tough work pants, shorts, and shirts that look exceptionally great on the workers, FXD workwear is the best high-quality workwear to buy.

There’s a reason why people trust on FXD workwear. Continue reading some highlights that make FXD’s workwear simply top-notch.

FXD Work Pants

FXD work pants come with UV protection layer. That’s the most striking feature of FXD work pants. With certified UPF 50, blocking both UVA and UVB rays, FXD work pants is the best a construction worker can get to wear.

FXD Work Denim

Yes, it comes with knee and pad pockets. But there’s something even better than that about FXD work denim – the stretchable denim. This denim quality is by far the most comfortable one to wear at work.

FXD Work Shirts

Of course, when the pants come with UV protection, the shirts also come with the same UV protection. With triple-needle stitched seams, FXD work shirts are absolutely a rough and tough choice for blue collar workers.

FXD Work Socks

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Coming from FXD, these are not some ordinary socks. With extra length, padded heel and footbed, and knitted arch support, FXD work socks are the most comfortable pair of socks to wear at work.

FXD Work Boots

The best thing about FXD work boots is that they are designed to meet the Australian safety standards. With a great slip, heat, and oil resistance, engineered lining to absorb moisture, and 1.5mm bump cap, FXD work boots not only provide safety but are also very stylish.

With an amazing variety and all the terrific features that FXD offers, you can’t expect workwear to get any better than this!

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