Anybody Can Benefit from a Paraffin Treatment

Published On December 14, 2016 | By Ella Looper | Featured

Just about anyone can benefit from the spa service known as a paraffin treatment.  Now, traditionally you would have had to visit a spa, of course, to get this treatment but these days, such treatments are also available at modern barber shops, so men can enjoy it too, in an environment that might be more their style.

But what, exactly, is a paraffin treatment?

A Deauville au Masculin paraffin treatment is a type of skin treatment aimed at relieving chronic joint pain and to relax stiff or tired muscles.  It can also be used to smooth and soften scaly, dry, chapped, or rough skin. In fact, some people even find that a paraffin treatment alleviates symptoms associated with psoriasis and eczema. It could be argued, then, that the paraffin treatment is actually a procedure that can effectively address soft tissue inflammation.

How does it work?

Basically, this is a type of deep heat therapy.  The practitioner will use a liquid paraffin wax that is good at both absorbing heat and retaining it.  You can dip your hands or feet in the paraffin bath and the heat from the wax will transfer to the affected areas (skin or joints, etc) as the wax cools and then hardens.  The heat, as you may know, will increase circulation and that, of course, helps to relieve pain an tension.Image result for Anybody Can Benefit from a Paraffin Treatment

As a skin treatment, paraffin wax softens the outer layer and also encourages improved circulation by bringing more blood to the surface. This can restore moisture to dry skin and also increase the speed of repair from damage, opening pores in the process.

Where Do I Get One?

Obviously, you can find a paraffin at most spas where you might also get a mani-pedi.  These are both common spa treatments that are pretty easy to find.  However, as the male grooming industry is growing, you can also find paraffin treatments offered at more modern barber shop establishments that provide a wider range of services than just haircuts and beard trims.

At the same time, there are also paraffin-type treatments you can do at home. These kits are available at the drug store or online; but if you really want it done right you should see a professional.

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