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Rich in its culture and traditions, India is a cradle of colourful customs and costumes. Every region of this sub-continent has their own multitude of varied traditions and dressing; with every occasion having its very own set of clothing. The oldest and the most ethnic wear dresses of all the Indian traditional ensembles, till date, is the lehenga choli. It is said to have centuries of culture manifold in its flare and is known by various different names at different places. Some of its most interesting names are China Choli in Gujarat, Ghagra Choli, the Chaniya Choli and many more. The latest lehenga is the Indian version of skirt or simply the “Desi Skirt”.

These “Desi Skirts”,enhance the ethnicity of our desi girls at every traditional function and I, being too fond of Indian ethnic wear, would, like most of the women, love to have a pair of lehenga choli in my wardrobe too. The latest designer lehenga get too costly for just a function or two, because well, who would repeat it at more than two functions? Hence, is thisethnic wear for women worth spending gold pennies on its glitz and glam, you decide?

For starters it’s not an impossible task to attain, yes there is so much variety available these days that it certainly fits in every budget or pocket, the pricing varies on the cloth and embellishments used on it. Second, online portals have marked their place when it comes to Indian attire too now, so why not browse through these as well??


I am somebody who doesn’t like spending so much on clothes, unless it is a steal and when it comes to ethnic wear, I become the Uncle Scrooge’s desi avatar. I feel, why should we spend an exorbitant amount on something that may or may not be worn again?

My experience says that exploring the online sites makes one thing possible, adorning a beautiful lehenga and not spending a fortune on it! The best way is to buy latest lehenga at the many online stores available; unless you are the bride, of course, then maybe you would want to try out some virtual stores as well.


Lehengas come in various trends and colours nowadays, unlike the too typical ones. The most trendy of the latest lehenga designs are the ones with a circular flare, the long trail, the panelled, mermaid style, A-line, Sharara Cut, Straight Cut, Fishtail etc. Not only are the cuts or the gheras being experimented as for latest lehenga, but also the way you can pair it up with different styles. Yes, you will be astonished to know what all is worn today and with what kind of combinations.


  • The classic lehenga and cholis are now being fusioned with long jackets, or are even being draped differently like sarees.
  • The colours of lehengas, too, are being played with. Bringing the big leap in the fashion industry, almost every colour from the palette is being used. Be it neon shades, pastels or bold, bright colours.
  • The latest lehengas are not too heavy for anybody to wear, and for any occasion; be it for sangeet ceremony, the mehandi or any other general function, take a pick from the array in front.
  • The classic red is being replaced by the colours like pink, green, orange and to break the stereotype, even black and white.
  • Works like that of gotta patti, tilla and heavy embroidery, on a fabric and colour that out speaks for itself is the newest rage amongst the brides since ages, and it still hasn’t changed a bit.
  • Not only for the function wear lehengas that means sans the bridal lehenga, different patterns are tried here too. The once considered as a bad omen, the colors black and white are also worn with a great panache by the brides-to-be now!

Over the years, lehengas have taken a steady place amongst its other ethnic sisters like sarees or Anarkali suits. The brides who stuck to wearing the traditional red saree with heavy golden embroideryhave more things on her palette to explore. The coy bride-not-so-cosy anymore is not only fashion savvy but knows too well that this is her DAY and her day alone and hence explores the territory less known. So, she tries to move towards ideas that are quirky, modern and yet traditional.


Today’s bride is sensible and wants to enjoy each and every moment of the wedding extravaganza like her family. So, conceptualizes more towards lightweight lehengas, these lehengas are comfortable for long wear, and that may include greeting your guests as well as dancing along with your friends as well. She is more focused and conscious regarding an uncompromised look, for that she tries a lot of different styles and looks. Here is some of my favourite things that I have noted since the last few months.

Breathable fabric- The fashion enthusiast bride with a soul of a nymph loves things that are free flowing like her spirit, the breathable fabrics are made for such brides who like to move around freely attending to her guests or dancing to her favourite tunes. Such lehengas can be found on various designer lehengas online sites selling ethnic attire.

Lightweight lehengas– Though these lehengas are heavily embellished but either have a light embroidery or maybe just a play of colors and fabrics to make it look contemporary yet elegant.

Draping it like a pro– No doubt it is the era to show and flaunt those curves, but when you are the bride or someone very close to the bride, not only wearing a stylish lehenga-choli is enough, the way it is draped does the magic.

Accessorize it like a celeb- Wearing lehengas are not just the matter of picking up the best lehenga that suits you the best, but it is also about how and with what you pair it with. Accessories complementing your attire give an extra boost to the even simple looking lehengas.

Heels all the way-Your heels, should never be too high for you to walk in, after all ease is the foremost priority. No matter how pretty your dress is, no matter how well your accessories blend in, if you are not walking properly, nothing is good.

Needless to say, your latest lehenga can and must be worn using fusion styling because well, who would not like the pretty lehenga to be used more than a single occasion?


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