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Published On May 23, 2017 | By Ella Looper | Fashion

Your appearance defines your personality to a greater extent. It is an old saying that first impression is the last impression, though it is not entirely correct but yes the first impression plays a key role when you meet someone. In today’s world, it is extremely important to appear nice and pleasing.

You can visit to see varieties of tips which can greatly help you in looking fashionable. Remember everyone wears shirts, pants, shoes etc. but we all know that some men stand out wearing these clothes and few of us certainly don’t look impressive with the same stuffs.

So it is extremely important that when you select a shirt or a trouser, you need to first look at yourself and see whether the cloth you want to buy will suit you or not. There are people who are in their 40s and they sometimes wear boyish clothes which does not give a good impression. Similarly you can notice people with short height wearing puddling pants which makes them look smaller and odd. If they wear something which perfectly fits them then they will look much better with the same height.

In addition to your personality, another important factor which you need to take into consideration is the weather. Yes weather! because if you wear a dark black shirt in hot summer then not only it will make you uncomfortable but also people around you will not be very appreciative about it.  While picking a shirt or dress, pay attention to the current weather accordingly pick your attire.

So apart from occasion and location, you must take into consideration your overall personality as well as the weather to select suitable clothing for impressing people around you. So go ahead pick correct stuffs and look awesome and impressive!

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