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Published On January 13, 2018 | By Clare Louise | Clothing

For those of you looking for a relaxing, laid back, and carefree travelling experience, you don’t get much better than beach travelling. There is just something about being by the beach, especially during the summer, that just seems to become so incredibly appealing to us. Many of us feel as if our spiritual homes are indeed by the sea, and for good reason too. It’s hard to feel stressed and unhappy when you’re relaxing on a golden sandy beach, listening to the waves gently break on the shore as the sun pleasantly warms you from head to toe. Beach travelling however, isn’t just about relaxing and unwinding, as you will also want to look and feel your absolute best as well. There are many boutique stores that stock some of the most comfortable and fashionable beach wear in the entire world, and if you want to hit the beaches and coastal resorts looking a million bucks, here’s a look at beach travelling and clothing boutique stores that are affordable and fashionable.

Style Mafia, FL – Miami, Fl, is one of the most popular beach resorts in the entire world, and certainly in all of the US, and if you’re looking to hit the Miami beaches, you’ll want to look and feel the part. Style Mafia then, is absolutely ideal for a whole variety of reasons. Located in the Wynwood arts district, style mafia is a private label created by a fashion blogger with a real eye for style. If you’re looking for bright, vibrant, and bold colours and patterns, all for very affordable prices, style mafia is well worth checking out.

Aloha Rag, Hawaii – If you ever find yourself in Hawaii and need kitting out from head to toe, Aloha Rag is absolutely perfect for different kind of robes. Aimed primarily at women, Aloha Rag offers something a little more unique and unusual than regular island girl wear that you are likely to see. Located in Honolulu, men are also well catered for, with both day, and night wear. If you’re looking for something other than obnoxious bright red palm-printed Hawaiian shirts, Aloha Rag is absolutely ideal and a perfect place to find a gift for the maid of honor in your wedding parties.

Muse Boutique, CA – Situated in Laguna Beach, Ca, Muse boutique is another beach fashion boutique that offers you something a little more unique and out there. For a breezy, laid back, sleek and stylish Laguna vibe, Muse boutique is perfect. Women out there are incredibly well catered for in this store, as there are bags, shoes, clothing, jewellery, and other accessories that will make any trip to Laguna beach one that you will remember for the foreseeable future. What’s more, Muse Boutique has a reputation for employing some of the most helpful and friendly staff in the region. For stylish coastal wear in and around the Laguna Beach area, Muse boutique is ideal, especially if you’re hitting the strips as the sun sets.

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