Beards are In This Year (Again)

Published On April 11, 2017 | By Paul Peterson | Fashion

The rugged look continues to be what real men are looking for in fashion, and if you are going to sport a classy beard, it will need lots of attention. Whether you are into the short stubbly look, or prefer longer growth, being such a noticeable feature, things need to be tidy, and due to the growing popularity of hairy faces, there are online suppliers of everything you would need for beard management.

Essential Beard Care

One could never imagine having a hair style and then just letting it go, trimming it at the bathroom mirror now and then, which would give you the kind of beard you see on the homeless images in the media.

Online Solutions

Men who require modern beard care products do not have to spend hours wandering through shopping malls, as online solutions enable you to order from an extensive product list, and with other body products, designed for men, you can do all your personal hygiene shopping at one location. One such website can be found at, a company formed by a group of guys who like to sport beards and want others to enjoy the benefits of specific products.

Beard Oils

Essential oils produced by the skin are very much absorbed by the pollution we have to endure on a daily basis. Hair, skin, and especially beards, can really lose their lustre in certain environments, and by applying beard oil, you are giving the facial hair protection in the form of a thin layer that will keep the hair in good condition, replacing the lost natural oils. Once a day applications ensure adequate moisturisation, and with the right beard comb, you can really make things look smart and precise.

Facial Protection

One of the major benefits of growing a beard is the protection it gives in the cold and windy times, and even a short stubby growth can protect your delicate facial skin against wet and salty winds. There are also facial products one can use to make sure your beard always looks the part, and never forget, your beard is no different to your hair, in terms of how people see you.

Beard Grooming Kits

A very popular gift for the bearded man, with everything one could need to keep it in great shape, and there are online suppliers of all things bearded, who have an extensive range of products, all designed for the rugged man of today.

Texture Paste

Some men have very fine facial hair, and certain looks just cannot be achieved, but with texture paste, you can dramatically increase the width of the hair follicles, and make your facial hair more manageable and easier to control. Scented with sandal and vanilla, the paste nourishes and rejuvenates the facial hair follicles, and men who use it, would never consider turning back the clock, as it gives you that added touch of style and elegance.

Beards have been the trend for a few years now, and the way things are looking, they will be popular for a few years more, and if you would like to grow a beard and keep it in good shape, it might just give you an edge.

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