FAQ job interview outfits for new grads

Congrats to all of the new college graduates! As someone who graduated college years ago, my advice is to enjoy your summer and don’t stress too much about finding a job. You’ll get one and then you’ll be working everyday! My other advice is to take your job interviews seriously and dress appropriately. Here are answers to frequently asked questions about job interview outfits:

For women

job interview outfit

(Read below to find out where to buy these.)

1. Do I need to wear a suit?

It depends on the job, but for most jobs, the answer is yes, especially if they are in an office. Even if it’s a casual place, like an advertising agency, where you won’t be wearing a suit every day, you should still invest in one. I bought my first suit at Express. Look out for sales and buy a black suit that will last you years.

2. Do I need to wear nylons?

Again, this depends on the company. If you’re working somewhere corporate like a bank or a law firm, it’s a good idea to suck it up and wear nylons for the interviews until you figure out what the rules are. At non-coporate jobs, you should be ok without nylons.

3. Are open-toe shoes ok?

Not really. For the interviews, you should find some closed toe shoes, like these from Nine West. If you’re wearing heels, make sure they’re not too high and you can actually walk in them!

4. What kind of jewelry is appropriate?

Keep the jewerly to a minimum wearing a subtle necklace, like this triangle Gorjana necklace,  and subtle earrings, like these from A.L.C. Do not stack on the bracelets showing off your arm candy. That will be very distracting to the interviewer.

For men

what to wear to a job interview men

(Read below to find out where to buy these.)

1. Do I need to wear a suit?

For most jobs, the answer is yes. Even if you wouldn’t be wearing a suit every day, it’s best to dress to impress during interviews. Suits are expensive so buy a black suit that you can wear for years. Men’s Wearhouse has a good selection of suits for reasonable prices.

2. Do I need to wear a tie?

You should wear a tie, especially if you’re wearing a suit. Go with solid colors or subtle prints, like this striped Brooks Brothers tie. Keep your fish print tie at home during interview time.

3. What socks and shoes do I wear?

If you’re keeping it simple with a black suit, wear black shoes and black dress socks. It’s ok if the socks have a subtle gray print on them. Although bright socks are really popular right now, you don’t want to wear bright socks that are going to distract the interviewer.

4. What kind of bag is appropriate?

You should bring copies of your resume, so you’re going to need something to bring them in. You can buy a nice leather folder to carry or a bag, like this leather Banana Republic bag, that you’ll end up bringing to work each day once you get the job!

How to wear colored pants to work

I have to admit, I was skeptical of the colored pants trend when it first came out.  I didn’t think it would last long and thought it would be a waste of money to buy any.  But I’m now loving it and have a 3 colored pants – pink, teal and red.  Colored pants are such a fun way to show your personality.  There are just a couple things to keep in mind when wearing colored pants:

1) Be mindful of the color.  Pastels are good for the spring and summer and darker colors are more appropriate for the fall and winter.

2) Let the pants be the focus. You’re going to start looking like a rainbow if you wear too much color!  Since the pants will draw the attention, wear a plain colored top.  If you want some additional color, do that through accessories like jewelry or a bag.

Here’s some inspiration for how to wear colored pants in the fall and winter to work:

Brooklyn Blonde

Wendy’s Lookbook


Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness month with fashion

I have to say I love watching football in October seeing tough guys wear pink all for their support of Breast Cancer Awareness month. It’s great that so many organizations support the important cause, including a lot of fashion and beauty brands who donate certain amounts from purchases to breast cancer research foundations.  Of course if you’d rather donate directly, you can to organizations like Susan G. Komen.

Max & Chloe ring – 75% of the purchase price will be donated to Susan G. Komen

Three Dots tee - For each shirt sold, $10 will be donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc.

ELLE Eiffel Tower scarf – 100% of the net profit will support the fight against breast cancer

Guess watch – 10% of each retail sale goes to Susan G. Komen

What to wear to a networking event

Do you ever go to networking events – for your job, for finding a new job, meeting new people, doing something fun?  I go to them occasionally and have met a lot of interesting people along the way.  When figuring out what to wear to a networking event, I have 2 tips:

1) Be confident – Meeting people at networking events is all about first impressions.  The best way to make a good impression is to be confident.  An easy way to be confident?  Feel good about what you’re wearing!

2) Be comfortable – Most likely you’ll be walking around and standing up for most of the event talking to people, so wear comfortable shoes – whether it’s a cute pair of flats or wedge shoes.

Most of the events I go to are related to fashion, entrepreneurship or marketing/advertising so I’m able to get away with wearing jeans and a blazer or blouse like these ladies:

Little Blog Dress


If you’re in an industry where you need to dress up more, you can try out looks like these:

Max Connectors

Refinery 29

Any tips you have for what to wear to a networking event?

What to wear to a business casual meeting

I read this article in the WSJ the other day, Dressing Up for Sitting Down, about what to wear to a dinner party or event when you’ll be sitting down.  It recommended wearing a fun top, statement necklace or top with an interesting neckline.  It got me thinking about dressing for business meetings where you’re sitting down the whole time.

At my job, we occasionally have video conferences with people in other cities where you’re sitting the whole time and all they see is your top.  My co-worker and I have a joke for what to wear to those – “business on top, party on the bottom!”  To one of those video conference business meetings I once wore a plain colored top with a skirt with tulle while he wore a plain top with plaid pants.

If you’re going to a business meeting where you’ll be sitting for most of it, focus on what you’re wearing on top.  You can take the same advice for dressing for a dinner party, but keep it more subtle.  Wear a fun necklace that isn’t too distracting, a shirt with detail around the neckline or color that’s not too distracting like burgundy or dark green.

Style Me Pretty

Girl & Closet


musings in femininity

Any other tips you have for what to wear to a business casual meeting?

5 fall fashion trends for work

I am a big believer of finding a balance between professional classic work clothes (like black pants, blazers, etc.) and trends so that you can feel confident in what you’re wearing and show your unique style.  Here are 5 of my favorite fall fashion trends to incorporate into a work wardrobe:

Printed pants: ASOS / (Faux) leather skirt: Forever 21 / Plum color wrap dress: Ann Taylor / Riding boots: Banana Republic / Peplum top: ASOS  

What fall fashion trends are you looking forward to?



How to wear a high low skirt

If you’re looking for something new to add to your work wardrobe, try the high low skirt.  High in the front, low in the back like this cute mint green ModCloth high low skirt:

There are a couple things to keep in mind when wearing this type of skirt to work: 1) Make sure the high part of the skirt is not too high.  Just like any other skirt you wear to work, it should be within a couple inches above your knee at the shortest. 2) Since the bottom is so flowy, the top should be more form fitting to balance it out.  Check out these ladies for some work-worthy examples of how to wear the high low skirt:

College Fashionista

running on happiness

Let’s Get Thrifty

Would you wear this type of skirt to work?

How to wear printed pants

Printed pants are growing on me.  I wasn’t too sure about the large floral patterns on pants because they could be overwhelming, but now that I’m seeing them more, I’ve added it to my list of trends to spend money on for the fall.  Of course this is a trend that can only work in certain work environments (like the ad agency I work in), but it’s cute for the weekend if your office is more corporate. There are 2 important things to keep in mind when wearing printed pants:

1) Keep it simple: Let the pants be the main part of the outfit.  Pair them with a solid color top that doesn’t dominate.  This is not a time to be mixing patterns.

2) Coordinate colors: When pairing the pants with a solid color top, make sure the colors coordinate.  Choose a subtle color from the pants – like black, blue or tan.

Here are some examples of this in action:





Any tips you have for wearing printed pants?

10 work wardrobe essentials for the summer

This is the time of the year where stores are marking down the prices of summer clothes while they stock up for the fall.  That means it’s a great time to buy these 10 items every working woman should have in her closet.  The good thing about these pieces is that they aren’t trends that will fade away.  They are classics that will be in style summer after summer:

1: A-line skirt – The feminine shape of this skirt looks good on all body types.

2: Wrap dress – It took me awhile to find a wrap dress that fit right, but when I did, I fell in love with the fit.  I recommend you find a wrap dress that works on your body.

3: Pencil skirt – Pencil skirts work for any season.  Just make sure your booty isn’t overly-accentuated!  You may need to buy a size up to avoid that.

4: Blazer – I’m a big fan lately of a blazer as a layering piece instead of a cardigan.  I think it’s more professional and ties an outfit together really well.

5: Sleeveless blouse – A must for 90+ degree summer days.  A floral print never goes out style.

6: Striped shirt – The nautical look of stripes is great for the summer.


7: Button-up shirt – Classic white button-up shirt – it goes with everything!

8: Neutral pants – A light neutral color pant for the summer is great for casual cooler days.  I personally like gray, but tan and white also work well.

9: Nude heels – Try to find a color that matches your skin tone and it makes your legs look longer – magic!

10: Ballet flats – Comfortable and cute – how can you go wrong?

Any others that you’d add to this list?

6 work appropriate skirts

I’ve noticed a trend around the office and the streets that has been annoying me a little.  Skirts that girls are wearing to work are getting inappropriate!  I’ve seen these especially on interns or entry-level recent college grads:

The skirts these girls are wearing are too short and too tight.  Keep those for going out at night ladies please!  Here are 2 tips for wearing a skirt to work:

1) The length should be close to the knee – a couple inches above your knee is the shortest you should go.

2) A body hugging skirt is not sending the right message at the office.  Make sure the skirt is not over-accentuating your curves.

Here are 6 skirts that are work appropriate:

1 – Forever 21 / 2 – Banana Republic / 3 – Gap / 4 – Forever 21 / 5 – Ann Taylor / 6 – Banana Republic

Any other tips on wearing work appropriate skirts?