HBO Girls Jessa style

I just finished watching the second episode of this season. Shorteralls anyone? Jessa hasn’t been in this season much so far. I think she was pregnant or just had a baby during the filming. Did anyone else hear that? Anyway, for the brief times we’ve seen her this season, Jessa’s style remains the same as last season. I think she primarily shops vintage but might also shop at places like Urban Outfitters or Gypsy Warrior. Where do you think Jessa shops for clothes?

jessa hbo girls style

Gypsy Warrior off-the-shoulder dress / Urban Outfitters disk earrings / Gypsy Warrior printed skinny jeans / Urban Renewal tie dye sweatshirt / Urban Renewal studded leather ankle boots

HBO Girls fashion: Shoshanna

First off, does anyone think of how weird Zosia’s character was in Mad Men when you watch Shoshanna? Shoshanna is funny. She’s such a worry wort but I did like in the premiere of the second season that it seems like she’s coming into her own a little more.  I see Shoshanna shopping at standard mall stores, like Gap, Banana Republic, LOFT and Charlotte Russe for her outfits.  Where do you think Shoshanna shops?

purple Banana Republic tee / Banana Republic bow flats / Gap leopard cardigan / Banana Republic navy sheath dress

HBO Girls Marnie fashion

I think out of all of the Girls, I relate the most to Marnie. There are definitely a lot of things I don’t have in common with her, but she’s pretty much the Charlotte of the group, who I also related to. Anyway, Marnie’s style is preppy and polished. She probably shops at places like Club Monaco, Banana Republic and Madewell.

Club Monaco sheath dress / Madewell brown leather boots / gray Club Monaco sweater / Banana Republic burgandy sweater dress / Banana Republic honeycomb sweater skirt

What do you think of Marnie’s style?


Marnie pic from The article this picture was taken from was actually pretty funny..a guy’s perspective on Girls.

HBO Girls Hannah clothes

I watch A LOT of reality TV.  It’s kind of embarrasing. There are only a couple regular TV shows that I watch and Girls on HBO is one of them, so I’m super-excited the second season starts in a couple weeks! One part of the show that I like is how different each girl is from each other..yet they’re all friends.  And with their different personalities, comes their varied styles.

Hannah doesn’t seem to spend a whole lot of time or money on her clothes (she can barely keep a job to pay her rent as we know). She probably shops at places like Forever 21, H&M, Urban Outfitters and ModCloth.

feather print Forever 21 dress / ModCloth purple cardigan / mauve Urban Outfitters top / yellow ModCloth flats / ModCloth burnt sienna sweater / Forever 21 striped dress 

What do you think of Hannah’s style?


Hannah pic from