Children’s Toys Can Influence Their Career Choice

Published On May 31, 2017 | By Timothy Brown | Fashion

Many people do not think about, which toys are more suitable for their children, and that can sometimes be quite problematic. If you want a good place where you can purchase toys you can try the Step2 Direct website!

We all remember our favorite toys

We all remember the toys that we played with in our past, and we all remember our favorite toy, be it a small train, soldier, Barbie doll or a stuffed bunny. While just because you played with cars when you were small that does not mean that you will be a mechanic when you grow up, but studies have shown that those toys can influence the career choices of our children.

Everyone has a toy from their childhood that they will never forget

There are some toys that can risk turning girls off math and science, which is why it is advised to purchase Lego to encourage them in engineering. While women have made strides in many workplaces these days, there are still some divides in professions.

For example, over 80{2224e5b239c01d8edfa7c95d932bae163d5b000c283e181a6f8753fe5e09499e} of people who are scientists, researchers, engineers…etc are male. In addition, by contrast, 78{2224e5b239c01d8edfa7c95d932bae163d5b000c283e181a6f8753fe5e09499e} of secretarial and administrative workers, and about 82{2224e5b239c01d8edfa7c95d932bae163d5b000c283e181a6f8753fe5e09499e} of people working in leisure, care and other services are female workers.

Gender stereotypes

Critics say that the marketing of toys is what exploits gender stereotypes, as they channel action styled men figures, blue racing cars, construction kits for boys, while making pink princesses, cookery sets and simple dolls for girls.

There are not that many neutral toys today, and that can be a problem, especially since that can influence your child more than you think. It is always good to stick to something neutral, as you should not organize toys by ‘gender’.

Let your kids pick out their own toys

Let your children play with what they choose

For some reason, this is a common problem in our society, where parents refuse to buy a toy for their kid because of their gender. If you have a boy who wants to play with a Barbie doll or a cooking set, that does not mean that there is something ‘wrong’ with your child. The same thing can be said other way around.

In fact, the best chiefs in the world are male, which means that just because your boy plays with a cooking set does not really mean anything grand. Same as that, if your little girl is interested in car toys, just let your kid play with whatever they choose (just make sure that the toy is appropriate for their age).


A small study has shown that boys are usually given the toys that are related to construction, action and machinery, while girls are left with Barbie dolls and the usual ‘feminine’ interests, like the hairdressing kit.

The message here seems to be that boys should be the ones solving problems and making ‘things’, while girls are supposed to be nurturing and caring. This can cause a huge problem in their later life, if they are forbidden from playing with a certain toy just because of their gender.

Final word

Even if you should give your kids the toys that they want, you should still make sure that those toys are safe for their age. If you need a suggestion for a good store, you can simply visit safe Step2 Direct ride on toys for kids, and purchase a toy online.

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