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Published On March 21, 2017 | By Ella Looper | Fashion

It’s not enough to know the hottest trends if you are unable to find the best fitting suit to your body figure. Even the most stunning designer suit will look terrible if it’s not tailored for your kind.

Identify your heaviest, the most prominent area

Not only women’s bodies are inscribed to geometrical shapes, such as rectangles, triangles or inverted triangles. Men can have weight or fat distributed the same way. You need to become aware of the most prominent area of your body. Do you have a broad back with big shoulders and large arms, while your hips and abdomen are rather narrow? Then you’re an inverted triangle. A normal triangle has more weight distributed in the abdominal region and buttocks. The rectangle is balanced; the waist and hips are about the same size as the shoulders. Depending on your body shape, you will know what to conceal through clothing.

Best suits for the triangle type

The most suitable mens formal suits to a triangular shape need to add volume to the upper part. You may even choose a patterned or striped blazer. Opting for dark trousers and a light or bold blazer is an optical trick that makes the eye to see more volume in that upper region. Your trousers must be not only dark, but also solid colour – no patterns. Opt for a single breasted suit to slim down your waist. Also, note that the jacket must add structure to your shoulders.

The ideal fit for inverted triangles

For this one you don’t need structured shoulders, nor anything that draws attention to your upper body, because it is already emphasized. When your shoulders are broad and the rest of your body is fit, you can wear tight suits that flatter your figure. There is no need to add volume anywhere. It’s safe, however, to use patterned straight-leg trousers. Have a slim fit shirt as well – something that follows your body contour is always welcome here. Your jacket or blazer must be slim. Skip the shoulder padding as to avoid exaggeration.

Men’s suits for the rectangular body shape

Even though you appear to be balanced, you can still add emphasis to your shoulders. In addition, a V-neck shirt may help you obtain a similar effect. Crew neck jumpers are also great at making the region seem broader. If you want more of that inverted triangle look, which is so masculine, you may opt for horizontal stripes for the upper part or for vertically striped trousers, to slim your legs. Concerning the mid section, you may want to have a tailor make the suit look tighter around the waist, to create the illusion of a slimmer midsection.

How to use details and accessories?

Many suits are embellished with sartorial details, such as a colour pop, buttons, a handkerchief, pockets or epaulets. Such elements should be present only on areas you want to emphasize and expand, because they add focus and volume. Never choose a double-breasted blazer if your frame already features a bulky midsection.

These guidelines should be enough to help you shop for suitable clothing for formal events. In case you still can’t find a good match, have an experienced tailor make the perfect suit for you and make sure they’re acquainted to the latest fashion trends.


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