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One of the favourite garments of every man for his comfort is undoubtedly jeans. Wherever we go we can perceive that jeans are essential items in the men’s wardrobe. We must only identify the type of cut and design that favours them depending on the physical complexion so that the attributes look good and disguise certain areas of the body that seem less pleasant.

Before starting any recommendation to choose the jeans that best fits your body, we must think that the first thing is to accept your body as it is and recognize that even if you do not have a perfect body, you can achieve that with the use of the appropriate garments you can look The proportions in a balanced way and capture the looks by the successful selection of garments.

What jeans can be worn?

Firstly, it is recommended to have one or two pairs of straight blue jeans, traditional zipper or button pockets in traditional colors such as blue, black and gray, in a few words classic style jeans without very colorful details; You will know perfectly that they are “combat” pants that serve you for multiple occasions.

Dressed in jeans or not ideally keep your style, highlight your personality and always look distinguished and equal to each occasion. But, how do you know which is the best cut off jeans that favours you according to your body type, height and complexion?

The wide variety of styles of cowboy pants that exists can make us lose a little when choosing the best we feel. To make this work easier, 883 Police has created a guide to all the styles of jeans available.


We started with the fittest model of all, the skinny. Or what has been the same: the skinny pants tight from the waist to the end of the leg. Specifically, the Skinny jeans are 98 {2224e5b239c01d8edfa7c95d932bae163d5b000c283e181a6f8753fe5e09499e} cotton and 2 {2224e5b239c01d8edfa7c95d932bae163d5b000c283e181a6f8753fe5e09499e} elastane. Of course, you must be careful to wear it. If your legs are too thick or too thin, chances are they will not favour you. 883 Police have this embroidered pattern on the back pockets. You can get it for £ 60.


The slim model is characterised by being a narrow leg, but without becoming as extremely stuck as the skinny. It is able to stylise, being much more flattering than the previous one. In the case of 883 Police, the slim jeans are 98.5 {2224e5b239c01d8edfa7c95d932bae163d5b000c283e181a6f8753fe5e09499e} cotton and 1.5 {2224e5b239c01d8edfa7c95d932bae163d5b000c283e181a6f8753fe5e09499e} elastane and you can get it for £ 65.


Of course, apart from the previous styles, we must not lose sight of the straight, certainly the most classic of all. Straight cut, it is critical that we have at least a couple of them in the closet. In the end, they are the most available and, probably, the best we have left. Although everything depends, of course, on our own body. In the case of 883 Police, the Straight jeans are 100 {2224e5b239c01d8edfa7c95d932bae163d5b000c283e181a6f8753fe5e09499e} cotton and you can get it for £ 65.


Finally, take a look at the loose-fit, jeans that are characterised by having the low shot, be wide leg and tighten at the ankle. All this give a relaxed look. In 883 Police the loose-fit jeans are 100 {2224e5b239c01d8edfa7c95d932bae163d5b000c283e181a6f8753fe5e09499e} cotton and you can get it for £ 65.

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