For Her: Why gift HIM a Monogram Necklace?

Published On January 16, 2018 | By Carol Gilmore | Jewellery

You know what’s the worst thing about trying to find a gift for your guy? You have already gifted him almost everything. Perfumes, a set of expensive handkerchiefs, chocolates, boxes of cookies, etc. Therefore, you don’t understand what’s left for you to gift to him anymore. You find it difficult to think about a nice gift because you don’t understand whether he is going to like repeated gifts or not.

I have a suggestion to make – buy him monogrammed necklaces! You may think it is a girly thing, but it is not. A monogrammed necklace is an exquisite piece that would make your man fall in love with you all over again. If he is totally in love with you, there is a way in which you can have these necklaces customized – join your initial with his and gift it to him. If he is not much into displaying your relationship with him out in the open, yet, you can always gift him a necklace with his initials. He is surely going to thank you for such a beautiful and unique gift.

Not sure whether you would want to gift monogrammed necklaces to your partner? I have hundreds of reasons, but I can’t highlight all of them here. All I know is that there are thousands of men out there who wear such necklaces and are proud to display their initials with their lover’s. If you think your partner is going to like it, if you think he is a very expressive person and he holds you like a trophy all the time, you might want to gift him something that has your initials together. I bet he would wear it all the time, even in front of his friends to let them know what his beautiful girlfriend or wife has gifted to him.

Another reason for you to gift such necklaces to your partner is because there are masculine pieces available out there. I don’t want to sound sexist, but not all men would want to wear things that look feminine. I am a feminist myself; yet, I believe some products look good on females and some only on men. Therefore, I researched on such necklaces and found out that there are a few companies that know how to make manly necklaces so that men can wear them too. Moreover, they are unique and not common gifts.

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