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To apply an iherb promo code au or access to your order, find the event you would like to register and click on the link Enter a promotional code. Then, enter the discount or access code in the text box and click Apply. If the promotional code you entered has been applied, a discounted ticket or a brand new ticket will be displayed. If you have already registered and have not entered your promotional code, you can contact the organizer to see what the best way to change your order is.

You should know that discount and access codes are not case-sensitive. This means that you do not have to respect exactly the capital letters to apply the code!

  1. Find the event and click on “Enter a promotional code”

To begin, find the event for which you want to buy tickets. Click the Enter Promotion Code link that appears under the Ticket Amount drop-down menu in the Ticket Information box.

  1. Enter the discount code or access code

Enter the discount or access code in the text box.

  1. Click on “Apply”

If you use a discount code and this code is valid, you should see an update at the “Price” and “Fees” columns reflecting the discounted amount. The discount amount or percentage will be displayed next to the ticket type name.

If you use a discount code and this code is valid, the hidden / password protected ticket type will be displayed.

  1. Select a “Quantity” of tickets and complete the registration

Now that the discount or access code has been applied, you should be able to initiate your order, and enter your information on the “Registration Information” screen to complete your order.

More than 350 million coupons are used each year. Printed on products, distributed in mailbox, distributed in store or accessible from smartphones, these vouchers represent an important development lever for your company.

Here are their 4 main benefits

In iherb, the voucher is the promotional mechanism that gives people the most desire to buy.

  1. They generate point-of-sale, physical or online traffic

There are two types of discount vouchers: “in store” discounts, offered in stores, and “out stores”. These can be distributed in mailbox or on the street (during a street marketing operation), sent by mail addressed, by e-mail or via an application.

These are the “out store” coupons that encourage consumers to visit your store or your e-commerce site, to benefit from the discount. In supermarkets, they have an impact on the preparation of the shopping list in 86% of cases and can be very relevant when opening a new point of sale.

  1. They can meet different types of business goals

Do you want to make yourself known, reach new consumers? The coupon is ideal to launch a product on the market or to attract new customers, including via mail.

Looking to increase the average basket, to retain your customers? Discount coupons promote re-purchase. Grant a financial benefit on a second product or on a future purchase; you will meet an expectation of 74% of people.

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