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Published On August 1, 2017 | By Christina Touchette | Fashion

For decades, the go-to Rakhi gift for any brother has been a plain, old money envelope. Yes, a lifafa! Sure, it’s great for the instances when you don’t have the time to put in effort to look for an ideal gift. Or for those times when you’re just clueless about what to get your sister. It’s a great option for all the lazy brothers out there too!

However, think about this. Does one simple ‘lifafa’ filled with money do justice to the incredible, deep bond that you and your sibling share? Does it do well in getting across the feeling of love and care that you feel for her? Does it bring about true, endless delight for you sister? Well…not really!

Get a little creative and this Rakhi, take a step back from lifafa-giving and choose from these innovative gifting ideas:  

  1. Movie/ Concert Tickets
    Get your sister tickets for a play being staged nearby that you know she’d absolutely enjoy. Alternatively, you could buy her movie tickets for the latest film starring her favourite actor or actress. Or maybe you could splurge on getting her concert tickets for her preferred artist or band…she’d be left elated, for sure. It definitely beats getting her a gift that would just sit in her cupboard and she’d get no use out of!

  2. Spa Treatment
    The gift of pampering – a spa treatment! Who wouldn’t look forward to an evening devoted entirely to relaxation and rejuvenation? It makes for the perfect way to unwind and untangle oneself from the mundane routine of one’s life. If your sister leads a hectic, stressed lifestyle, this is a gift that she’d immensely appreciate, indeed!

  3. Restaurant vouchers
    Whether it’s an intimate candlelight dinner, a gift card for the nearest KFC or maybe fine dining at a classy restaurant, a restaurant voucher is a great present for anyone. There’s a number of options to choose from to cater to your sister’s taste. After all, who wouldn’t love being given a gift for access to good food?

  4. A Unique Gift
    Take a look at this Bucket List Gift Box. It is a fresh twist on old fashioned journals and is the most charming gift you could get for your adventure-seeking sister. A place to jot down her dreams and travel destinations, she’d get immense use out of it and think of you every time while using it! It makes for super adorable Rakhi gifts for sisters, set apart from the plethora of regular journals out there.

  5. Experiential Gift
    We’re all drowning in too many materialistic things in today’s world. Gifts that are conventional or regular only take up storage space. Why add to the clutter? Instead, gift an experience to your sister in place of a gift. If she’s artsy, sign her up for Pottery classes. She has a flair for the culinary? Baking classes! Fitness enthusiast? Enlist her for a yoga retreat. The possibilities are endless!

  6. The Gift of Travel
    Who wouldn’t love being given tickets to their dream destination? You’d literally be giving the gift of travel…and discovery! If your sister is an explorer at heart, you know she’d be blown away by this kind, thoughtful gesture! Treat your sister to a trek in the Himalayas. Or maybe, a three-day vacation to the nearest beach. Sponsor her for a trip across Europe! Any such travel gift would be ideal to feed your sibling’s wanderlust.

  7. Subscriptions
    You could get your darling sister a subscription for Amazon Prime. It’d be a present that she would use on a regular basis and be eternally grateful for! If she’s not much of a movie person or prefers staying away from addictive TV Shows, you could also buy her a subscription to a magazine from her preferred genre! A gift she’d cherish, all year long.  

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