History of Kilts, a long time favorite

Published On August 13, 2017 | By Ella Looper | Fashion

Kilts are things with a history of their own. It is a very special type of garment that has been a part of men’s clothing for a very long time. A kilt is usually about knee high and has an open end, unlike the traditional pants, which are worn throughout the globe. A traditional kilt has pleats on the rear end, which provides a special look and shape to the kilt. The trend of kilts seemed to have vanished in the past, but recently many designers have re-launched the kilt with a new touch, according to the modern era. Thus the kilts have once again become popular.

The kilt has a very rich history. It was introduced in the 16th century and the origin is basically from Scotland, where it was the primary dress for men, even for boys. In Scotland, it was considered formal dress, and people used to wear it on different formal events as a sign of class and higher authority. The traditional kilts were specially made with pleats on the bottom to provide a touch of class and shape. During that time the kilts were mostly made from woolen cloth and it was considered a sign of dignity. As the time passed the kilts started to become a fad and were then replaced by formal suits.

The kilt traveled all the way from Scotland to the USA and it was launched in the USA as a sign of modern casual wear. The USA kilts were made on the same concept as the Scottish, but there were slight changes, which made them look more casual instead of the formal and classy one. The USA kilts were made according to the demand of modern customers and all the aspects of modern fashion industry were kept in mind while designing USA kilts. The USA kilts were launched on a concept that they can easily replace your pants or trousers and can be worn anywhere.

Both the USA kilt and Scottish kilt look different, yet the same. The similarity is the basic design of the kilt and the concept on which the modern kilts were made. The USA kilt had many slight changes from the traditional Scottish kilt. The main change was the change in fabric. The USA kilt was made from casual material instead of the woolen cloth and this provides a more casual look. Thus giving it an edge as party-wear. In addition to the change in material, the USA kilts were made with many changes in cutting, length and design. Some of the USA kilts have pockets while the others also have shoulder straps that provide a complete look and can be worn without a shirt.

Even though the kilts were gone for a good period of time, the people accepted them greatly and showed great interest in the USA kilts. Now men in kilts have become a normal part of casual dress.

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