How Are The Prints Made Over The Shirts?

Published On December 9, 2017 | By Ella Looper | Fashion

The idea of corporate shirt printing had emerged as an extremely trusted and relied technique to fulfill specific motifs of the companies or events at first place. But at the same time, it’s a matter of great interest to explore how these printed shirts actually come into life. is one of the well-known places for such product.

Let’s Look At the Steps One By One to Understand This Conception –

  • Create A Design: Draw a desirable logo or design you want your staff to wear. Assign this responsibility to a screen print art department in order to come across great arts or logos.

  • Reviewing and Adding Finishing Touches: No matter how beautiful the art is, always employ some time in going through the whole design once again adding the last strokes.

  • Printing Film Positives: Now that the design is finalized, the next big step is to go for color separation of the design by digitally guiding the software to mark places where it will tend to be a screen. Ultimately, one film positive holds one color. More the color more the film positives.

  • Construct The Screens: These films are then compiled together over a metal frame to hello them stay in order and tacked to a place. These may like closed frames are carried screen. The frame turn kept aside till it gets dry. While the whole mesh is closed, some parts of it are kept open for letting the ink flow into the fabric while printing.

  • Using The Press To Print: Now the press operator gets into action that goes on to set press for this screen that is to be pressed against the fabric of the shirt with heat presser. But before that, he/she arranges the shirts and aligns the screens which are called registration.

Now that you know how the whole printing thing works, it will get easier to judge a deal before placing for the corporate printing of shirts.

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