How to Choose a Fur Coat for a Wedding Dress?

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If the wedding is planned to be held in the cold season, then the bride will definitely need a fur coat for the wedding dress. But in this case it is necessary to be cautious, because it is very important to choose the fur coat which will be in harmony with the shape of the dress as well as its color.


How to Choose a Fur Coat in Accordance with Your Bridal Outlift Type?

Classic lush wedding dresses have been in fashion for several centuries. Each season, designers introduce some changes, update the model, decor options, but the image remains unchanged. Short models of fur coats (no lower than waist line) will suit this outlift. A coat can be 3/4 sleeved or long-sleeved.

If the bride have preferred Mermaid dress style, then the short model of a coat will be the best decision, because it will not hide the richly decorated skirt. For Empire dress, you can buy a long luxurious fur coat, because in this dress model skirt is thin and the bride risks catching a cold.
The main rule, which a woman should follow when choosing fur coats for any dress is the next: the richer the wedding attire skirt is decorated, the shorter and more modest the coat should be. In most cases, financial capabilities determine what kind of fur coat you can buy. Practical and economical girls prefer a daily coat variant. However, here you need to try to choose an option that would perfectly harmonize with the dress, and then you could wear it in everyday life. It should be something with a long sleeve, without decorations or with a detachable decor, because the shiny coat will look out of place somewhere in public.

Color of a Fur Coat and a Wedding Dress

In addition to the harmony of the model of a wedding dress with a fur coat, you still need to pay attention to color matching. If the wedding attire is white, then everything is clear – the fur coat should be the same. But what about a colored wedding dress? Some immediately rush to pick up the outer clothing in the tone of the dress, for example, red or blue, but this should not be done, because it will be overabundance.

White coat is universal. As for fur, you also should pay attention to it. Wedding dress having caramel or cream tints will look beautiful with mink fur coats. White dresses are perfect when combined with mouton fur. If the option of enriching the wedding look with a fur coat does not satisfy the bride, she can sew a wedding dress from denser fabrics, such as brocade, jersey, and velvet.


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