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The trendy pompadour hair style makes hair pomade rise in popularity. Along with that comes the discussion on how to clean oil-based pomade.

How to Clean Oil-Based Pomade

Pomade of water-based and oil-based hair are cleaned in different way. Water-based pomade is easier to clean without shampoo but oil-based pomade remains a favorite although it is difficult to clean from hair. This is because matte pomade type has more power to maintain pompadour hairstyles and other pomade hairstyles. In addition, oil-based pomade is also resistant to wind and can be rearranged without loss of endurance.

For enthusiasts pomade hairstyles certainly realize the difficulty of cleaning their hair from hair pomade even more oil-based pomade type. Generally, oil-based pomade takes 3 to 4 times to wash thoroughly and cleanse it off from your hair with no residuals. Of course you never wake up with the condition of greasy hair because pomade that has piled on your head. You should clean your head and hair from any type of pomade on a regular basis. Pomade can clog the pores of the scalp and hence you can experience hair problems such as hair loss or damage.

This way allows you to clean the hair from oil-based pomade is to wet your hair and then apply conditioner first. The conditioner will soften your hair and it will be much easier to clean the pomade. Then, wear shampoo as usual, this way you will be able to clean up about 70{2224e5b239c01d8edfa7c95d932bae163d5b000c283e181a6f8753fe5e09499e} to 80{2224e5b239c01d8edfa7c95d932bae163d5b000c283e181a6f8753fe5e09499e} pomade of your hair. Usually companies that produce hair pomade also issued other hair care products such as shampoos that are specific to the type of pomade you wear. You can try various shampoos designed especially to get rid of pomade from hair. This shampoo can eliminate any type of pomade either water-based or oil-based. It is is also suitable for any hair type and contains hair care formulas so your hair will not be damaged and remain unkempt.

How to Clean Hair after Using Oil-Based Pomade

Yes, maybe you are wondering if there is any other way to clean up the different types of pomade from your hair. The answer is there is another way. Pompadour hair model enthusiasts certainly have a variety of ways to clean their hair from the rest of the pomade, ranging from acceptable to the rather strange. Along with shampoo, you can use dishwashing soap in dry hair and then adding water bit by bit to foaming or using coca-cola, hair dryer and comb to melt the pomade in your hair. This way may be practiced but there are certainly risks that can cause your hair to dry or even be damaged. If you want to be safe you should use the genuine products of the hair pomade. Nowadays they not only produce hair pomade but also special pomade shampoos specially formulated to shed pomade also keep your hair healthy. For lovers of hair pompadour, there is a great news as they will not have to sacrifice the stylish pomade.

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