How to Dress Your Kids for Outdoor Fun

Published On May 12, 2018 | By Christina Touchette | Fashion

Having fun with your kids outdoors is a great way to get them to stop staring at the TV and mobile screens and enjoy a bit of fresh air, connect with nature and spend some quality time with family. But when planning to spend a fun day outside, you need to think about your kids’ health and safety. Dressing them for the occasion is definitely one of the top prerequisites for having a good time outside, especially in the coming hot summer days.

So before you plan your trip and send your kids running on the green fields, consider these things when picking their clothes.

Mind the Quality

A lot of parents dress their kids in old clothes when planning to spend time outdoors, following the logic that they’ll probably get messy playing on the ground anyway. But choosing the right clothes is not just about following the latest kids’ fashion trends, it also has to do with protecting their skin.

Layering is one less thing to worry about in the summer, your kids should still wear quality fabric. Cotton is the most obvious choice as it’s lightweight and allows the skin to breathe.

However not all cotton clothes are the same, so make sure to only choose lightweight, natural cotton. To make sure your kids are protected from the sunlight, hold the clothes to the sun and make sure the cotton doesn’t let any light through.

Finally, when buying your kid’s clothes always choose reputable shops like Moderne Child so you’ll know their clothes are always high quality.

They Need to Be Protected

No matter what season it is, kids playing outside need to be protected from dangerous UV rays and bug bites. Sunglasses and hats never go out of season, so pick the ones that provide the best protection for your kids.

Don’t forget to pick out the right shoes to protect them from accidentally stepping on sharp items, splinters or bees.

You should always pair snickers and socks unless you are going to the beach. If there’s any chance of rain get waterproof boots, but make sure to wash them regularly or use a product to reduce the smell.

In case of rain, you’ll also need to dress your kids in rain jackets. However, avoid jackets with warm lining materials such as fake fleece if the weather is otherwise hot.

Don’t Forget about the Sun

Even if you plan on spending the entire afternoon in the shade, which is nearly impossible knowing kids love to run off, don’t forget to use the proper sun protection like shades, sunscreen,and hats. As light is reflected, harmful UV rays can still reach you, even in the shade. If you kids have fair skin, all it takes is less than an hour before they get dangerous sunburns.

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