How to find the perfect Wholesale emerald cut diamond engagement ring

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Engagement rings: spoiled for choice. Actually, it could be easy, because what is allowed is what you like. It is even better if the ring has a special story or is reminiscent of a shared experience. In short, with our tips, you’ll get a little closer to the matching engagement ring.

Gladly an engagement ring can also be a classic piece. An heirloom or a vintage ring with a special story.

Engagement rings from A to Z:

The perfect engagement ring: Whether with or without diamond, whether classical simple or antique and ornate, whether gold or silver – there are a variety of different Wholesale Engagement Rings. The main thing is the engagement ring matches the idea of ​​the bride. But how and where do you find that? And how does she explain to her husband which ring she has dreamed of? We have some great tips on how to choose from a variety of Wholesale Engagement Rings.

Select engagement rings: Which ring is suitable for the engagement ring?

Basically, of course, in terms of engagement rings: the main thing he likes. Whether it is a sinfully expensive diamond ring, the simple silver ring from the favorite jeweler or an antique find from the flea market, the main thing is the engagement ring comes from the heart and pleases.

Classic engagement rings, as they are common in the US, however, wear a diamond and are made of gold, white gold or platinum. We’ll show you how to pick the right engagement ring and what to look for in diamond engagement rings.

Diamond engagement rings – what to look for when buying diamonds?

The quality of diamonds is determined by the so-called “4C”. The term comes from the English language and stands for cut (cut), color (color), purity (Clarity) and the weight unit Karat (Carat). We’ll explain how to judge the 4C of diamonds and how they affect the price of your engagement ring.

It does not always have to be silver or platinum. Also engagement rings in gold are again high in the price.

Engagement rings with diamonds: the cut

Engagement rings must be sumptuous? A thick diamond does not make a perfect engagement ring! And even the value of a diamond is not calculated solely on the size and color of the stone. Rather, it depends on the cut of the stone, because it ensures that the diamond really sparkles. How much a diamond is worth depends very much on how perfectly it is honed. A good finish ensures that the incident light is optimally reflected and makes the stone sparkle in all colors.

Whether one chooses a round or oval diamond as an engagement ring is up to personal taste. The shape, whether classic brilliant cut or trendy drop shape, says nothing about the value and price of a diamond ring.

The shapes of engagement rings: one generally distinguishes between brilliant cut (full cut), Emerald Cut Diamond, teardrop shape (pear shape), navette (marquise), oval and princess. It is very rare to find “fashionable” cuts like the romantic heart shape.

The quality of the cut is influenced by various components: the height and size of the so-called slab (the upper, flat surface of the stone) and the depth of the dome (the lower tip of the stone).

I want a diamond ring! Attention: Diamond is not equal to brilliant! A brilliant is a cut diamond in brilliant cut. Brilliant cut means that the stone is ground round and has at least 56 facets. The brilliant cut is always very popular as an engagement ring and is still in great demand today. A timeless and pleasing shape among the engagement rings.

Engagement rings with diamonds: The size (carat weight)

The cut is selected, now the stone size of the engagement ring must be decided. Of course, almost every bride dreams of a possibly magnificent and big diamond. But how is the size of the stone measured?

The weight of a diamond is measured in carats. One carat equals 0.20 grams. The weight of a diamond, however, is not alone in determining the value. There may be significant differences between two diamonds of the same carat weight due to quality differences. For example, a smaller diamond may be more beautiful if the finish, purity, and color are higher.

With two engagement rings with stones in the same quality, of course, the larger diamond is considerably more valuable. For example, a two carat diamond is usually more than twice as expensive as a carat. It is rare that large stones are also very high quality in the other features, so these are the more expensive.

Beware: there are also dubious dealers who grind stones so that a higher carat weight is achieved, although the stone thereby loses beauty and quality.

If you choose an engagement ring, you should already have an idea of ​​what he would like to spend. A good dealer for diamond and engagement rings will then put together a suitable selection. In no case should you push yourself or let yourself be babbled, after all, this ring should remain for life…

Engagement Rings with Diamonds: The Color

The classic engagement ring usually wears a colorless diamond in the middle. Diamonds are not only colorless, but also in colors like yellow and pink. Engagement rings with colored diamonds have been very popular for several years. At the latest since Ben Affleck gave his then fiancee Jennifer Lopez a pink 6.1-carat. And top model Heidi Klum also got a yellow diamond from husband Seal for engagement.

Colorless diamonds remain the most sought-after variant of engagement rings. Anyone who chooses a colorless diamond can spend a small fortune more or less, depending on the color grading of the stone.

With perfect, absolutely colorless stone, white light penetrates the stone effortlessly and exits in rainbow colors, the so-called fire.

Who is not a diamond expert and has no assets available, is well served with the diamonds of the color group G to J. With the naked eye untrained people hardly recognize a color difference to the much more expensive stones of the perfect color variants D to F.

Color classification for diamonds:

D, E, F Colorless (White)

G to J Almost colorless

K, L, M Very slightly yellowish

N to R Slightly yellowish

S to Z light yellow

Z + Fancy Colors (Blue, Pink, Yellow, Brown, Purple …)

Engagement Rings with Diamonds: The Clarity

Most diamonds have small, natural inclusions that affect the fire and the price of the diamond. The fewer inclusions, the more expensive the stone.

A cut diamond is “flawless” if it proves to be fully transparent and free of inclusions to the skilled practitioner at tenfold magnification with a diamond loupe.

We’ll list the different purity grades of diamonds so you can make your choice for the perfect engagement ring. Again, the price is of course open to the top, but it is sufficient for most people, if you can not recognize inclusions with the naked eye, that would be about at purity VS (Very small inclusions, so very small inclusions) of the case.

Purity grades for diamonds:

IF (Internally Flawless) Loupe Clean: no occlusions at 10X magnification, extremely rare and correspondingly expensive

VVS (Very very small inclusions) Very, very small inclusions: hardly recognizable at tenfold magnification, extremely good quality

VS (Very small inclusions) Very small internal features: not very difficult to recognize at tenfold magnification, very good quality

SI (Small inclusions) Small internal features: easy to recognize at tenfold magnification, good quality

P1 (1st Piqué) Clear inclusions: hard to see with the naked eye

P2 (2nd Piqué) Large inclusions: not too difficult to see with the naked eye

P3 (3rd Piqué) Coarse inclusions: easy to see with the naked eye

Engagement rings: alternatives to diamonds

Diamond rings as engagement rings are now very popular not only in the US and England, but also in Germany. But if you do not like diamonds or if you do not fit the budget, there are plenty of nice alternatives. Birthstone, for example, symbolizes the birth month of the wearer and is a beautiful, individual solution for engagement rings.

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