How to Safely Remove Pubic Hair by Waxing

Published On January 30, 2018 | By Clare Louise | Fashion

There are some points you need to note if you want to use waxing to remove pubic hair safely. First, make sure that the pubic hair is not wet but dry before heading for the treatment. Wax tends to be less stackable with damp hair, and this makes it more pliant and softer. The hair should be as coarse and rough as possible for the wax to grip it properly. However, make sure you clean the skin properly before this treatment. Some secretions from the body can block appropriate gripping on the surface of the skin. The wax must tightly grip the hair and skin for you to achieve a smooth and painless waxing experience. Therefore, your skin should be dry and clean before you head for the waxing session.

The use of waxes in the removal of pubic hair is hypo-allergic meaning that allergic reactions and sensitivity issues will not take place. However, it’s wise to test with a small section of the skin when removing pubic hair just to be sure that there are no side effects. You also need to consider the length of the pubic hair because too long ones can lead to unnecessary pain. On the contrary, pubic hair that is shorter than 2 to 3mm may not go through the waxing procedure successfully.

Those people who consider waxing will always ask about the level of pain. Make sure you heat the wax to a temperature that is comfortable. Hot wax is painful and can result in burns on your skin. You don’t want an uncomfortable and messy waxing experience. You can use the numbing ointment before the waxing session. Apply it close to an hour before doing the waxing to minimize the amount of pain.

It’s also wise to assume a comfortable position while performing pubic waxing. Spread the legs as wide as possible in a relaxed setting. Some experts will advise you to spread your legs slightly as long as the position will allow them to access the genital skin adequately. The waxing professional should be able to get to all the areas that need his attention with a lot of ease.

The expert uses a spatula form of implement to apply the wax in the direction of pubic hair growth. He then pulls the cloth strip quickly towards the direction of hair growth. The advantage of removing it with speed is that it reduces the level of pain. Small distractions like forcing yourself to just cough can also go a long way in minimizing the amount of discomfort. After waxing, apply a clean dam piece of cloth on the area to wipe away any waxing residues.

You need to try all you can to block any form of irritation on the waxed region. Ingrown hairs can pose significant challenges, but you can use a soft body brush to exfoliate the area. You will discover that pubic waxing is a useful technique for removing pubic hair. You can get more advice on how to get an excellent cut from These tips will give you a hair free bikini area at minimal pain.

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