How to take care and store your designer clothes?

Published On February 9, 2017 | By Amanda Martin | Clothing

Designer clothes are not cheap in terms of price as well as the quality. One needs to splash good amount of money in buying high end designer labels. Whether its designer shirts for men or women, one should try and extend the life of their designer apparels so that they turn out to be a good investment. Let us now scroll down to find out the ways in which we can make our designer apparels last longer.

  1. Keep them clean

This is the key to preserve your designer apparels, you should try and ensure that your designer garments are dry cleaned at proper place and you should also read the instructions on the care label before washing the garments. Separation of colors while washing clothes is also a must to ensure that your designer wears remain intact.

  1. Storing

Properly storing your designer apparels is also a must so as to make them last longer. Always use a chemical desiccant to absorb moisture and prevent dew before storing your garments. Your leather garments as well as fur garments must be stored in a closet which is cool and well ventilated, while try storing your embroidered clothing in white malmal fabric to ensure that the embroidery does not tarnish or blacken with time. In case of Indian outfits, like lehngas and saris, try to fold them rather hanging them so as to ensure that they remain new all the time.

  1. Damage control

Try and keep clothes that have embroidery or tassels in a butter paper so that the threads don’t fray. You could also use stain pens or markers to remove food stains immediately, also lime does wonders in removing fresh food stain marks.

  1. Care from insects and moths

Try adding moth balls, cedar blocks or sachets with lavender or rosemary in the storage area to avoid any insects and moths.

  1. Limit your wearing

Even if you have fallen in love with your designer apparel, try and limit your wearing of the same so as to make them last longer. Don’t simply use them ruggedly on every day basis.

  1. Remove jewelry and pins

Remove any sort of fashion pins, jewelry, brooches from your garments before storing them, and wear your designer garments on some special occasions.

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