How to Take the Perfect Instagram Shot of Your New Engagement Ring

Published On December 13, 2017 | By Clare Louise | Shopping

Getting engaged is beyond doubt one of the most exciting moments in your life, and no one will blame you if you want to share it with the world. Many people take the good news to social media before they get to phone the good news to their family. And if you’re like most girls obsessed with Instagram, you’ll want your perfect engagement ring shot to truly shine and reflect how you feel.

Get Your Nails Manicured

If your nails aren’t in their best shape when you receive the engagement ring, it’s OK to postpone sharing the picture a couple of days until you can get your nails done first. You don’t want a chipped nail to steal all the attention, do you? To the same end, you should also choose a neutral polish color for the shot. This will also give you a chance to let your closest family and friends know before they see it on Instagram or Facebook.

Relax the Hand

Being a hand model is not as easy as everyone might think. You need to know how to conceal things like dry skin patches or veins popping out. The first thing you should do is properly moisturize. Next, try to relax your hand as much as possible. Slightly separate your fingers and avoid clenching them.

Choose a good Background

There’s nothing fun about your desk or countertop. If you want your engagement ring picture to stand out, you need to think about the background as well. Consider shooting against the grass or the sky, a soft fabric or a neutral wallpaper. Just make sure that the background doesn’t steal too much attention.

Use Props

It’s true that the engagement ring should be the focus of the picture, but that doesn’t mean that there are no clever ways to use various props either. If you don’t want to shoot the ring on your hand, consider placing it in a flower bouquet, on an ice-cream cone or in a champagne glass.

Photographer Tips

The best way to truly bring out your ring in your shot is to think like a photographer. The first thing you should know is to keep the ring in focus. When shooting the picture, tap the screen to focus on the ring and blur out everything else. Also, make sure the composition is right by placing the ring in the center of the shot. Finally, make sure the lighting is just right, not too bright or too dark. There’s no better substitute to natural light, so try to get the most of it during the day.

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