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Fashion is not centred on one person or one particular body type. It differs from one person to another depending on how your body is. So, we are here to guide you through every step so that you can dress up and look happening every day.

It might seem to you a bit weird and daunting at the same time to try this out, but this is the way you can save your money from buying clothes that don’t go with your size.

The pear shape

Make fashion more fun. If your hips are wider than that of your shoulders, then your shape is like that of a pear. Your best features are your shoulders, waist and legs.

Spaghetti tops and dresses will look great on you. Dresses that fit your body perfectly and have a little flare going on will bring out your curves and focus on the parts you want.

The triangle shape only inverted

Now, pay attention to your hips. Are they smaller than your bust and shoulders? That means your shape is that of an inverted triangle. Jackets, blazers or any well fitted, tailor-cut layer will look good on you. To make your upper body part look slimmer put on pants and skirts that have some volume.

All the way same or the Rectangle shape

Weird as it may sound but are your waist, hips and shoulders of the same size? Even if they are almost the same, then your shape is like that of a rectangle. Pay attention to details, and you shall rock. Ruffles, embellishments and bows are few of the many things you can go for. All you have to do is create an illusion for either part of your body and make it look curvaceous. Jeans that go high up or belts over your dresses and blouses can do the trick.  Check out for the latest and trendiest designs. You can avail discounts and get offers like you wouldn’t believe.

The Apple shape

Thin legs with shoulders that are broad and have a waist that is full? Then you’re the perfect Apple shape. You don’t need volume on your upper body part so choose skirts that are full along with jackets and pants with broader legs. This will help you create a balance in your body.

The hourglass body type

One of the most desirable body types. If your hips and shoulders are of the same size and your waist is smaller than my friend you look like Marilyn Monroe. Dresses with belts or more of a wrap dress or tops will look great on you. You can even wear dresses that accentuate your figure or those that have a peplum. This will focus on your hips, chest and make you look curvier.

After discussing all of this, you need to know how you can determine the shape of your body.

  1.    Don’t use a metal body tape. Go for the cloth one. Measure your shoulders, bust and hips in a way that it isn’t loose or is too tight. This will give you a perfect idea.
  2.    Measure your shoulders with the help of someone else. Let one corner of the tape start with either side of your shoulder and go all over to the other side.  You need to hold the tape as close to your shoulder as possible.
  3.    To get the size of your bust, start with the part that is the fullest and then slide it under your arms and wrap it around where you started. This gives you the size of your bust.
  4.    Don’t pull your tummy inside it a slouch. Remain straight and start right above your navel and right below the rib cage. Make the tape go around you, and this will be your natural waistline.
  5.    Start with one side of the hip and move towards the other side of the hip. A small tip for you. If you do this while standing in front of a mirror, it will help you out.

More than often you find questioning yourself as to why a fantastic outfit won’t look good on you. The reason is nothing but your body type here. So, shop and dress accordingly.

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