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Published On May 5, 2016 | By Amanda Martin | Jewellery

Liz Wallace is among the noticably Native American silversmiths and jewellery makers in america. Her experience with silver started in 1996, but her creative talent had been apparent at three. Her diverse background understanding in historic jewellery from around the globe, advanced stone setting techniques, blacksmithing, and enameling lead towards the richness of her work. Up to now, she’s made probably the most exquisite bits of Native American turquoise jewellery.

Her vision would be to make intriguing and high-quality heirloom pieces that is one good investment and may stand the ages. Liz uses traditional Dineh theme, that is affected by her penchant for art deco and art nouveau. In ’09, she was selected for any fellowship within the Southwest Association on Indian Art. Insect forms like dragonflies and butterflies are featured in her own best natural high quality turquoise jewellery. Nowadays, she is renowned for her extravagant pieces having a concentrate on multiple materials.


A few of her jewellery can be viewed as versatile. The rare jewel grade Turquoise Mountain spiderweb tufa cast butterfly design pin-pendant is one. You are able to put on it as being an attractive brooch to create your outfit more interesting, or fasten a chain into it if you like to put on it as being an announcement necklace. The piece is really attractive using its Turquoise Mountain gemstones from Arizona, with 86 carets of proper old spiderweb. The gems are naturally gorgeous using their teal hue and reddish golden brown webbing. The turquoise gems that were utilized in this pin-pendant were found within the 1970s and they’re one of the greatest grade in the mine. The gemstones are complimented by a mix of intricate silverwork along with a layer of beads.

Liz is renowned for her butterfly design jewellery. The rare jewel grade Montezuma spiderweb turquoise tufa cast butterfly pin-pendant is yet another of her masterpieces. The piece features the mixture of seven rare jewel-grade Montezuma spiderweb turquoise cabochons from Nevada, plus they were utilised to create a stylish butterfly shape. Heaven blue hue is accented with wispy chocolate brown webbing. Liz personally known as the piece, ‘butterfly with eyelashes’ because of the additional silverwork around the topmost area of the butterfly’s mind.

If you’re contemplating buying a number of Liz Wallace’s exquisite turquoise jewellery, make sure to locate a trustworthy store that are experts in rare natural American turquoise and fine Native American jewelery. Make certain the store is approved to market her jewellery, so you can rely that you’re buying authentic Liz Wallace pieces.

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