Enter the UncommonGoods jewelry contest!

UncommonGoods necklace(necklace is c/o UncommonGoods)

UncommonGoods is an online marketplace focused on creatively designed items. In addition to a bunch of great decorative accessories for work, they also sell a lot of unique and recycled necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings. For a third year, UncommonGoods is giving talented artists a chance to join the online store with a vendor contract and $500 through their jewelry design challenge! The top 5 voted designs will be judged by UncommonGoods Assistant Jewelry & Accessories Buyer Sharon Hitchcock, Senior Manager of Etsy Wholesale Vanessa Bertozzi, and Jewelry Maker Etta Kostick. Enter by June 30th and good luck!

What to wear to a summer internship

Summer internship season starts at my company next week, so I decided to help out new summer interns by sharing some ideas for what to buy to incorporate into your work wardrobes. In putting this together, I realized anyone who works, whether you’re an intern or full-time employee, should have these types of items in your work wardrobe. I will say these are for people who work in a more casual, creative work environment, like a PR agency and not a corporate environment, like a law firm.

The key is to start out with wardrobe staples, like a pair of comfortable brown shoes for men or a pencil skirt for women, and then choose some accessories to keep your outfits on trend, like a watch for men or a statement necklace for women. Any other tips for dressing for work over the summer?

what to wear to a summer internship

men: blue Banana Republic chinos / black Clarks slip-on shoes / Merrell brown casual shoes / blue Brooks Brothers dress shirt / maroon Banana Republic polo / Citizen watch

women: black Gap pencil skirt / blue D.RA peplum top / A-Thread floral blazer / Anthropologie striped dress / TOPSHOP statement necklace / Shop Ruche white flats

New trend: knuckle rings

knuckle ring


Have you noticed knuckle rings? They are usually dainty rings that sit between the top knuckles. I’m honestly not sure how I feel about them. I think I like the look, but as someone who doesn’t wear much jewelry, I think I would find these annoying. I do appreciate trying to add something new to hand jewelry though. What do you think of this ring trend?

knuckle rings

lef to right: infiniti ring / turquoise ring / love ring / flower ring / gold band

What I bought in May

I was really good in my birthday month of May! I only bought two things. I had been wanting a new pair of pastel jeans for spring/summer. I have a light pink pair, but I’ve gotten some reactions, especially in photos, that they are so light that it looks like I’m not even wearing pants! So I thought mint green was a good color to go with to add to the mix. I found this Blank NYC pair at Marshalls of course! And then I had been needing a plain pair of brown flats. I actually misplaced one brown flat shoe last year somehow, so as I was at Target looking for a bday gift for my fiance’s nephew, I happened to walk by the shoe department and found this Mossimo Supply Co. pair. These two purchases came to only $54.98, $145 under my $200 monthly budget!

clothes i bought in may(bad lighting, but those jeans are mint green!)

PS – this post is part of the Budgeting Bloggers. Check out what I other people bought in May.

The reality of wearing a flowy maxi skirt to work

I really like this flowy pink pleated maxi skirt. I get a lot of compliments when I wear it to work and I like the look of maxi skirts and dresses. But, let me explain the reality of wearing this skirt to work – it’s not easy, especially if you live in a city and take public transportation. To go up and down stairs, which I have to do to get on and off my boat to work and into my office building, I had to lift the skirt up a little and walk slowly so that I didn’t trip over it. Then when I was at the office sitting at my desk, I rolled over the skirt at least 5 times, getting it caught on the wheel of my chair. I’m surprised I didn’t rip it.  These hazards won’t stop me from wearing it again, but I just thought I’d share the realities of wearing a skirt like this to work so you’re prepared if you decide to go with this look yourself. Has anyone else run into these issues?

flowy maxi skirt to work

Dresses to wear to weddings AND work

If you’re like me, you have multiple dresses that you really like, but you’ve only worn them once, maybe twice to weddings. It’s kind of a waste of money and space in the closet, but you don’t want to wear them too many times to avoid wearing the same dress to all of your friend’s weddings. So, next time you’re shopping for a dress to wear to a wedding, think about what you would wear to work so you can find a dress that works for both. Just don’t pick anything that’s too business suit-looking like this cute LOFT mint peplum dress or too bright and bold like this ASOS blue graphic dress.  Here are some ideas for what dress TO buy for a wedding and work (and they’re all under $100!):

work and wedding dresses

striped White House Black Market dress / floral Anthropologie dress / ModCloth chevron dress / Oasap color block dress

Using Pinterest to buy gifts

We have a joke in my family about not knowing who I get my style from. My parents and my sister have no interest in fashion, but I’ve always been into it.  Naturally, clothes end up making good gifts for me for Christmas and my birthdays, but for as long as I could remember, I have rarely liked the clothes my mom has picked out for me. Until now!

She’s a pretty tech savvy mom, not only on Facebook, but also on Twitter and Pinterest. So this year for my birthday she bought me this striped shirt, the first piece of clothing she has given me that I love! Right when I opened the box, I realized I had pinned this shirt onto my “what to wear to work” Pinterest board. She’s a pretty smart lady looking at what I had pinned to pick out something that I would like. So if you’re ever stumped for what to get someone for a gift, look at their Pinterest boards!

work outfit


Carrie Underwood wears red skinny jeans

This time of year is really confusing for figuring out what to wear to work. It’s too cold for a dress or skirt with bare legs, but too warm for tights or leggings. So between the seasons, I end up wearing a lot of pants to work. Because I’m not a fan of standard business work pants, I end up wearing pants in different colors, like the mint jeans I wore the other day. Carrie Underwood’s outfit here in red J. Brand skinny jeans is a good example of an outfit to wear to work between the seasons. And I love the name of the color of these jeans – lipstick!

carrie underwood outfit

Isabel Lu gray 3/4 sleeve sweater / J. Brand lipstick skinny jeans / brown cowboy boots

Carrie’s pic from denim debutante

Tips for using Instagram

Last month I went to the Boston Bloggers Style Summit where I met other fashion bloggers and attended sessions on various aspects of fashion blogging. One of those was hearing from local photographer, Smita of Hogger & Co., about getting the most out of Instagram. I didn’t really pay much attention to that network before, but since hearing these tips, I’ve come to really enjoy it.

1. Don’t feel like you need to center the focal point of your photos. Follow the “rule of thirds,” which is to divide the photo into 3 sections and place your focal point in one of the left or right thirds.

2. Use hashtags and comment on photos. It’s so easy to double tap and like photos, but like any social network, Instagram is a community so letting people know why you like their photo will help build a following. Using hashtags helps too.

3. It’s ok to only like a couple filters. If you find that you always gravitate towards a few of the Instagram filter options, that’s ok. Personally, I find myself using “rise” a lot.

Any other Instagram tips you have to share?

Here are some of the photos I’ve posted to @KristenD56 since the Style Summit:

photo copy 2

Let me know what your Instagram username is so I can follow you!

How to wear mint green pants to work

There’s something about mint green that I love. Maybe it’s because it reminds me of my favorite ice cream..mint chocolate chip! Anything in this color is perfect for the spring and summer..whether it’s a mint green necklace or these Blank NYC jeans I got from Marshalls that I’m wearing here. Have you worn something mint green to work?

mint green pants