camper cute: Dear Creatures

my work and life have been so crazy lately that i’ve been thinking a lot more about the past than i usually do.  wouldn’t it be great to be a kid again, watching tommy pickles and patty mayonnaise on nickelodeon?  and remember being a brownie – going to team meetings, doing arts & crafts?  well this fall collection from Dear Creatures is a reminiscent expression of those camp days from childhood, but with a modern twist.

dear creatures fall collection image

ps – these could double as a stylish halloween costume – just add a sash and sew on some patches!

i'm thinking of buying a guitar this weekend

it’s a hobby i’ve always wanted to get into.  maybe i’ll look as cool as these stylish women musicians!

lisa hannigan – i don’t know


tegan and sara – back in your head


au revoir simone – fallen snow


regina spektor – fidelity


and i could go on forever..

in honor of breast cancer awareness month

today during the patriots/ravens game, the players were wearing pink wrist bands and pink sneakers and the goal posts were wrapped in pink – all for breast cancer awareness month.  while watching the game, i said i thought that was weird that they were raising awareness of breast cancer during a football game…but after thinking about it, it was a smart idea!  the pink color definitely stood out among the dark blue, black and red and although breast cancer directly affects women – husbands, brothers, and fathers are also affected by it when someone they love gets it.  so, in honor of breast cancer awareness month, i have pulled together some of my favorite finds from

breast cancer awareness fashion image

lavalleygirl: these earrings were made in honor of the brave women who have fought breast cancer and in support of Kids Konnected

Carbon Pawprint: a portion of the sales from this eco-friendly fabric t-shirt will be donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation

Aglimpseofreality: sterling silver earrings to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month

georgie designs: $10 for every ring sold will be donated to Susan G. Komen for the Cure

make a color statement in the fall

look around on the next brisk day and notice the color of everyone’s coats – black, black, brown, black.  i’m not sure why, but for some reason outerwear for the cold weather months usually comes in very limited colors.  except for this year – fall coats are popping out in bright colors like yellow, blue and red and i’m loving it!

bright color fall jackets

toast : Prairie Underground : little houses

sienna miller loves scarves

scarves are such a great accessory.  i love that they now have more of a purpose than just keeping you warm during a snow storm.  it’s great that you could add a colorful scarf to an otherwise plain outfit for instant added style.

and apparently sienna miller agrees!  the always stylish sienna miller is great at layering and incorporating all kinds of scarves to her outfits for added texture.  from big knit scarves, to feathered scarves to leopard print scarves – she has it covered.

sienna miller scarf style image

and i also realized when looking around online at scarves, that they not only come in different colors, but they also come in different styles – like the necklush, the typical knit scarf, and the cowl neck scarf – check them out before it gets too cold outside!

scarves fashion image



alena hennessy



sienna miller pics from


what color could say “fall” more than the color of a yummy pumpkin pie?  i actually hate the color orange – the bright orange that’s common in sun dresses and summer tank tops – it’s just too bright for my liking and doesn’t go with my skin tone.  but..i love the burnt orange color of a pumpkin pie like in these clothes:

burnt orange clothes image

Mociun : BossyBoots Design : jenny han

BeadforLife fair trade jewelry

this was featured on the daily candy the other day and i liked it so much i wanted to share it.  BeadforLife is a network of women in Uganda who create jewelry made of colorful recycled paper – from magazines, calendars, pamphlets and cereal boxes.  so not only is the BeadforLife jewelry pretty, purchasing it supports hard-working people in an impoverished community.  you could purchase the jewelry online or in the stores in Uganda or Boulder, CO.

beadforlife fair trade jewelry image

mix it up with some stripes

striped skirts – loving this look!  pair it with a blazer, like rashida jones, to wear at the office or with a blouse, like heidi klum, to hide a baby belly (or not) for a night out.

heidi klum and rashida jones

and here are two great striped skirts to get this look.  the first is from I’m Your Present – a cute stretchy mini-skirt splatter with gold, light pink, silver and black paint.  the second is from one of my favs, little houses – a versatile piece that can be worn as a skirt or a tube dress.

stripe skirts fashion image

multi-wearable dress from deux fm

looking for a good deal?  check out this cute dress – one dress that you could wear multiple ways.  it’s called the ELIZA dress and it’s from deux fm, a canadian clothing line dedicated to sustainable and ethical fashion.  it’s on sale at a variety of stores online, which you could find here.  most retailers are selling the dress for $152.  that means since you could wear this dress a minimum of 5 different really costs $30 per outfit!

multi wearable dress fashion image

you're so beautiful, it hurts to look at you

that quote is from one of my favorite shows of all time, my so-called life – an obsession of mine through the 90′s.  i could go on about it forever, but one thing i remember is that one of angela’s (claire danes) key wardrobe pieces was plaid shirts.

my so called life image

and my my so-called life, pearl jam, grunge rock loving self had multiple plaid shirts that i wore around middle school.  so it was surprising to see the plaid shirts making a comeback this season a la sarah jessica parker, drew barrymore and jessica biel.

celebrities wearing flannel fashion image

luckily though, plaid this time around is in much more flattering shapes – like tunics and dresses.

indie plaid tops

Matrix : erinleighheart : Insight