first fall collection of the year: Erika Hendrix

this is a bittersweet’s the end of the summer :( which means the beginning of new fall fashion collections :) .  and one of my favorite recent finds is german designer Erika Hendrix.  her new fall collection is called “a fashion tale” and it does a great job of mixing comfort with unique style, like all of her clothes!  and the prices are all affordable too – pieces ranging from $50-$200.  please stop by her website and search for yourself!

ps – the model for this collection is season two germany’s next top model runner-up!

erika hendrix fall fashion image

erika hendrix fall fashion image 2

the september issue

i’m looking forward to this movie finally releasing in the US!  it comes out tomorrow in new york city and then the rest of the country sept. 11.  i wonder what theatre in boston it will be playing at..

if you haven’t heard the buzz about the september issue, check out the trailer.  it looks like an interesting documentary about putting together the most important fashion magazine issue of the year while seeing how the infamous anna wintour works. are you planning on seeing it when it comes to your city?


audrey hepburn of course

my inspiration for the “american” menu here started with audrey hepburn as holly golightly in one of my all time favorite movies, breakfast at tiffany’s.  that movie is from 1961 and so many of the wardrobe pieces are still stylish today.  here are the 3 most timeless pieces holly golightly wears:

1) “i’m just CRAZY about tiffany’s” – the little black dress

audrey hepburn black dressvintage dress from thekorubranch

2) “moon river…” – cigarette pants, a.k.a. capri pants, a.k.a. straight leg pants

audrey hepburn cigarette pantspants by lara miller

3) “i love you, you belong to me!” – trench coat

audrey hepburn stewart and brown coatcoat by stewart + brown

i have a new hobby

my man and i have gotten into hiking lately.  i used to hike with my family when i was a teenager, but i was a stubborn teenager and hated it.  now i appreciate the exercise and views and just being outside while the weather still makes it easy.  we just started picking up this hobby together, hiking in local spots near boston, but we want to go up to the new hampshire mountains for more of a challenge and prettier views.  so, inspired by our hike this weekend, i’ve picked out some nature-inspired clothes and accessories to share:

nature inspired fashion image

We Dream in Colour : Fluffy Co : native

Fly South Clothing : maryink : Via Nativa

brighten up your day

inspired by the beauty of the ocean, PONO is a line of colorful jewelry designed in nyc, made in italy, and sold around the world.  the jewelry gets its vibrant color and texture from stones like amber and topaz and materials like wood and shell.  PONO just launched an online store where you could view and buy a selection of the necklaces and bracelets. 

and…PONO has been kind enough to offer the clothing menu readers a 10% discount on their already very reasonably priced jewelry!  just type in “clothingmen” at checkout – offer expires 1 week from today, 8/26.

PONO necklaces image

dress like betty draper

yay – mad men is back!  what the heck slimeball don draper?  anyway, as i’ve mentioned here before, i love getting a glimpse into fashion in the 50′s/60′s when watching mad men.  i’m so jealous of the costume designer’s job!  check out this great video with the designer, janie bryant, giving a tour of the costume shop for the show.

and check out sohomode, a great shop on etsy, with handmade clothes that look just like outfits betty draper or peggy olson would wear, but modernized!

mad men inspired fashion image


fringe was big last fall/winter and it’s going to continue to be a trend for this upcoming fall.  my favorite celeb fashion inspiration, rachel bilson, showed how fringe could be incorporated into the focal piece with this outfit.  but, that’s not so easy for everyone to pull off, so fringe is most easily incorporated as an accessory – on shoes, a handbag, or in these amazing necklaces and earrings from norwegian wood!  these are so fun and a great way to jazz up a basic tee or top.

fringe jewelry image

this makes me smile

this is a fun project from designers paperwhite studio about how no one can really tell how other people compare things to something else.  i love you more than _________.  there’s a site where you could enter in what you love more than ________. and see what other people wrote.  some of my favs are:

i love you more than rice and beans.

i love you more than you.

i love you more than lots of mini cupcakes with sprinkles.

i love you more than the cold side of the pillow.

i love you more than there are stars in the sky.

i could go on forever with these..definitely check out the site to browse through the full collection and to buy some of these cute tees and totes that go along with it.

i love you more than image

summer sale from ES one of one!

i have some sad news ladies..fall collections are hitting stores, which means the summer is almost over..  but, the good news is summer clothes are on sale and there’s still a good month left to wear them!  one awesome sale that is going on right now is from new york designer ES one of one.  look at these vibrant prints and colors of these clothes – love them!

es one of one sale image

you CAN wear these colors together!

i remember learning something back in art class in middle school about how red and purple are not complementary colors.  they are just 2 colors that you’re not to put together, especially in an outfit.   but..kate walsh has proved us wrong!  she is looking amazing in this stella mccartney purple blouse and red skirt.  i am in love with this bold mix of colors – check out some ways you could get this look for yourself:

kate walsh stella mccartneytops: Econica and Ureshii

skirts: Stewart + Brown and prizy sebastian