i mad men'ed myself

2 more weeks and mad men is back for its 3rd season!  i love this show for multiple reasons:

1) my obsession with what life was like in the 1900′s before i was born

2) the suburb story lines, complex characters, and captivating directing

3) my full-time job is working at an advertising agency – working in pete campbell’s role, although what we do now as an account executive has changed a lot since then.  i love seeing what the advertising world was like 50 years ago.  we do still drink in the office, but just the occasional beer on a friday afternoon – no one has a bar stocked with hard alcohol in their office – darn!

4) the fashion!  i love joan’s sexy dresses and the transformation of betty and peggy’s style over the past couple seasons.

yesterday i came across a promotion amc put together for the show called mad men yourself.  here’s me meeting up with don draper for a drink.  apparently i look like peggy (although i’m cuter ;) )


great new finds from tortilla girl

i’ve featured tortilla girl before here on the clothing menu and i just stopped by her etsy store again and am loving some of the new summer designs.  i first fell in the love with the seersucker bubble dress..kind of reminiscent of carrie’s candy girl outfit in sex in the city, no?  then i saw the linen printed bag..and then i saw the lace tunic top.  they are all so pretty!

summer fashion clothes tortilla girl

love this ethical fashion line – Sinerji

i recently came across, Sinerji, an australian clothing line with a focus on ethical fashion.  all of its clothes are made from organic cotton and bamboo and the materials are colored with natural vegetable based dyes.  the clothes are light enough to wear on their own over the warmer months and as layered pieces when it gets a little cooler.  i really love the plum tank and pants – they look so comfortable, yet stylish!

sinerji sustainable fashion image

zip it.

zippers!  they’re not just for holding up your dresses or pants – they are a fun detail that’s being added to clothes and accessories this season.  i love the unexpected texture the zippers add to these pieces.

zipper fashion image

deadly ponies: mr. zipalot bag made by new zealand based designers.

Anne Michelle: very cute and only $29.50.

Kate Cusack: a whole line of jewelry made from zippers!

Megan Leone: Megan is an eco-conscious designer who uses vintage and recycled materials in her designs.

Katherine Nicole: love the purple color!  this color works for every hair/skin tone.

leanne marshall: from the winner of last year’s project runway!  one of her only designs up on etsy now that she’s selling clothes through bluefly.com.

she's like a rainbow by Dainty June

“she’s like a rainbow” is the debut collection from Dainty June, a new line from 3 friends who aren’t so new to designing great clothes.  jennifer johnson created the line E.C. Star, which i’ve featured here and here, and jen and erica daking, started All-Mighty, a clothing line and fashion website.  this bright and refreshing collection is perfect for the summer and a happy reminder of being a child in the 80s, don’t you think?

dainty june fashion image

the clothes just recently started selling.  i’m not sure of all the places, but i know you could buy them at some of my favorite online clothing shops:  modcloth.com and All-Mighty

office fashion from 1955

as i mentioned in this post, i am very intrigued by what life was like in the early-to-mid 1900s.  i love tv shows like mad men (new season in august), american dreams (no longer on air, but loved it)..and audrey hepburn movies like breakfast at tiffany’s (of course) and sabrina..and books like valley of the dolls and the great gatsby.  i think i was born in the wrong decade! 

anyway, one thing i love about looking back is what people wore and how it’s changed/not changed.  heres’ a video i just found from 1955 about office fashion.  they’re dressed for fall with wool and tweed dresses, timeless trends that i’m sure we’ll be seeing this year.  however, these dresses go for $12.95-$25 –that’s a bit more of a challenge to find these days! 


i'm feeling saturday night fever

i love this 70s-inspired dress vanessa hudgens is wearing – the color, the fit, the flow!  it’s a bit of a different take on all of the ruffle dresses out there.  such a fun dress for a night out dancing!  check out similar dresses by Anavaa Kisasa, reef, and Girl on a Vine.

70s inspired ruffle dresses

celebs go green

i just noticed the other day that instyle.com has a section of their site dedicated to celebs and their green habits!  check out what eco-friendly clothing lines these celebrities wear:

celebrities wearing eco friendly clothes image

JuulBurning TorchTe CasanReplay Organic

the birdcage

this is random, but i really like birdcages.  i think they are so pretty and have a vintage -inspired appeal to them.

birdcage fashion image

Metro Three : Contrary : Branch Handmade : ExBoyfriend : Birdland Creations

just sailing by

in honor of the tall ships being in town this weekend, i’m sharing with you these really cool bags by reiter8 – made out of recycled sailboat sails!  these are so cute and i love the idea – so unique and reasonably priced too!

bags made out of sailboat sails