Poly spandex: A comfortable, efficient and durable material

Published On January 4, 2018 | By Ella Looper | Clothing

If you are planning to open your own boutique then you have to be familiar with different types of fabrics available in market such as to provide better idea to customers. However, today market is full with variety of fabric which is comfortable in wearing and long lasting as well. Poly spandex is one of them and is in great demand these days because of the comfort it provides. In fact, it is stretchable also making it one of the best option. Spandex is a type of synthetic fiber which is well known for exceptional elasticity. It is durable in comparison to natural rubber and much stronger. From the day of its introduction, it has bought revolution in clothing industry. These days, many popular clothing brands are dealing in this fabric and earning high profit.

Different types of spandex

Different types of spandex have been made available that you can choose among, but the main point to consider is whether it is 2-way or 4-way spandex. The difference between both of them is 2-way fabric stretch only in one direction either vertically or horizontally. But, 4-way fabric can be stretch in both directions due to which it is demanded more. Here are some of the specialty fabric types one can prefer buying:

  • Performance Lycra: It is specially designed to keep moisture and sweat away from body. This is one of the reason because of which performance Lycra is used for making active wear.
  • Nylon spandex: It is little bit thinner than heavy nylon spandex and is thick enough that there is no need of linings.
  • Rayon and cotton spandex: This type of spandex is mostly used for making yoga wear and high quality T-shirts.

Get your own customized spandex

Poly spandex is available in variety of design, pattern and print that you can buy accordingly. But, if you are not getting 100% satisfaction from the prints available in market then you can order your own customized spandex. There are numerous sites dealing in customizable spandex from where you can order and buy design, color, and pattern of your choice at affordable rate. They deal in high quality, durable and 4-way stretch fabric. Along with these benefits, the fabric will be less shrinkable and most importantly eco-friendly inks are used for better prints.

Uses of poly spandex fabric

Due to strength and elasticity, spandex is used in wide range of garments and especially for skin-tight garments. The main benefit of investing in spandex is its ability of returning to original shape even after drying and stretching. Following are some of the garments in which spandex is incorporated:

  • Compression garments like motion capture suits and foundation garments.
  • For home furnishing items like chair cover, microbeads pillow and many such.
  • For shaped garments like wrestling singlets, support hose, surgical hose, superhero outfits and volleyball shorts.
  • For clothing and apparel items where stretch is necessary for fit and comfort like gloves, active wear, belts, hosiery, leggings, rowing Unsuits, ski pants, mini skirts, tights, socks, slacks, competitive swimwear and more.

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