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Women are the epitome of elegance; their accessories reflect the same. Watches are not just timepieces but actually fashion statement for them. While choosing a watch, women’s first priority is always the look. Pretty, feminine, elegant ones are mostly the first choice for ladies as far as watches are concerned. No wonder why most women’s watches are quartz. Quartz watches for women are in abundance in the market due to this understanding of women psyche. Men’s watches on the other hand are mostly mechanical unlike women. Some of the reasons for this change in the build are as follows-

  • Size Matters!:

Quartz watches are loved by women for its small size and feminine touch which mechanical watches lack. However, these days big size mechanical watches for women are showing up in the market but still a large fraction of women go for quartz watches. It is indeed true that ‘Times change and we change with them.’ But any change can’t be brought overnight.

  • The Emotional Connect:

Watches to men are more like companions. They develop a connection with their watches. They are willing to invest large sum for mechanical watches no matter how outdated they seem. The skilled craftsmanship of mechanical watches attract men and they go for it without caring about the price. This encourages the makers to produce men’s mechanical watches knowing that they will definitely buy it.

Unlike men, women see their watches as just another fashion accessory. Hence, they are not willing to spend much on a watch which they prefer changing quite often to match with the colour of their clothes. Making mechanical watches for women is therefore an unprofitable business. This is why quartz watches rule the women’s watch market as they are cheap, affordable and available in variety of styles.

  • Fashionistas are into looks, Men are into making:

Women see and appreciate the appearance while the engineer inside every man look for Craftsmanship, perfection and vintage class in a watch. What attracts the women more about watches is the design, colour and size. If the watch matches with the dress they are wearing, they need nothing more. Men on the other hand dig more deeper into the design of the watch. Starting from the build to the mechanism associated with the ticking, they look for anything and everything. More complicated the design, more interested they become.

  • Women are never support of accessories:

Apart from watches, women have a load of other accessories to take care of. They have jewelleries, eyewears, scarves, makeup and what not to style themselves with. Watches are like add-on bonus. So, women normally don’t put it in much time and money in selecting a watch. They find quartz watches more comfortable with their styles and as a result most women’s watches are quartz.

But since women and their ever changing unpredictable habits have always been a mystery to the world, we can say that what appears to be in vogue today for a woman might not be the same in the future. Today, mechanical watches are a part of men’s hearts, but who knows tomorrow women too might find an art in them!

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