Some Basic Rules To Follow When Wearing A Tie

Published On January 5, 2018 | By Christina Touchette | Fashion

For starters, if you are not sure how to do it, know that a plain tie (one color) is never the wrong choice. However, as part of the costume especially, the tie is one of the only items on which you can be easily original.

It would be a shame to be confined to plain ties only. Dare the reasons right away! Look for various prints, such as regular stripes diagonally (they bring a touch of dynamism), all these ties are perfectly acceptable in a work outfit. 

A little reminder about the costume: have at least three costumes with which you can match them with your different custom neckties.

Regarding the choice of the tie, this is the subject of another article, but to make sure you do not miss, just remember that the wider your shoulders, the wider the lapel of your jacket. and it is your setbacks that will define the very width of the tie. Not a very fine tie if you have a developed build and no huge tie if you are slim/slender!

I would like to mention one basic rule that is very important for your first steps:

  • Do you have a patterned, striped, polka dot, plaid tie? Prefer to associate with solid color clothes, so that the accessory comes out effectively.
  • Your Outfit Already has Reasons? Then Option for a Plain Tie.
  • This simple balance will allow you to not weigh down your style by loading it visually.

Of course, this is your first step; if you already have ideas to combine many pieces patterned, do not hesitate to be bold. I recommend you, in this case, to ask yourself frequently these questions:

  • “Is my figure highlighted? “
  • “Is my outfit consistent, elegant and not garish?
  •  “Do I like what you see? “

Social Outing

We talked more about the context of work, but think of the less formal context, such as evening out, in a bar, for example, you can be more daring of course, and try different colors and patterns. All will be to avoid being too stilted and out of step with the relaxed atmosphere of the place, because a too simple custom necktie refers to the concept of work, and it is necessary that this theme does not re-emerge.


I recommend that you take a little original and wear it relaxed, one to two open shirt buttons, or not to put it down. The choice is yours because it’s personal style.

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