SuperDuo and Twin 2 hole beads differences

Published On July 20, 2017 | By Amanda Martin | Fashion

The SuperDuo beads are 2 hole beads made using the glass that have a stretched out shape. The preciosa twin beads are the 2 hole glass beads that also have the elongated shape. Hence, at the first glance, Twin beads and Super Duo beads looks similar. 

SuperDuo and Twin 2 hole beads might also be used for the a number of beading projects.  They could be joined together using the variations of the traditional off-loom bead weaving stitches like herringbone, peyote, St. Petersburg stitch or right angle weave.  They could also be used alone or in the combination with the regular glass beads. SuperDuo and Twin 2 hole beads could also be used to make the shaped beadwork like the flowers or the snowflakes or these 2 hole beads could be used even in 3D beadwork projects. The SuperDuo and Twin 2 hole beads are diverse in several significant ways and some of them are listed here.


SuperDuo 2 hole beads are more accurately manufactured and are usually more even in the shape and size as compared to the 2 hole Twin beads. This means that much less culling, or throwing away and removing, the unusable 2 hole beads when you are creating a beading project. The shape of the SuperDuo 2 hole beads are also more pointed on the sides and a little more angular in the middle.


SuperDuo 2 hole beads are more extensive as compared to the2 hole twin beads; additionally to being more equally shaped, each SuperDuo bead contains more glass. The SuperDuos also tend to be a little larger as compared to the twin 2 hole beads, even though both of them are said to be 2.5 mm by 5 mm.


The SuperDuo 2 hole beads are accessible in a larger range of different shades and finishes as compared to the twin beads. This is because of another divergence in the manufacturing procedure of these 2 hole beads.  SuperDuo beads are manufactured using the colored glass and then might have one of the several extra coatings or the finishes added.  
Twin 2 hole beads start with one of the numerous base colors counting the crystal, black or white. The color finishes are applied on the base colors to produce the available twin bead shades. The finish of the twin 2 hole beads could be removed by chafing the surface using a nail file or correspondingly rough surface.  


The basic colors of the SuperDuos 2 hole beads tend to be more expensive as compared to the basic shades of the twin beads. In some of the cases, the cost per gram could be similar; however there are smaller amount SuperDuo 2 hole beads in a gram as compared to the2 hole twin beads.  

Which type of 2 hole beads you choose is likely to rely on the style or the project selection.  If you have a preference of precise even beadwork then the SuperDuos 2 hole beads will meet the exacting standards. If the beading project is freeform then the twin beads will likely to work in the beadwork projects.


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