Menswear Monday: how to wear shorts to work

Holy heat wave!  If you work in a casual/creative office, then you’re lucky because you can stay cool during the heat of the summer by wearing shorts (just don’t wear them every day). J. Crew has a lot of shorts to choose from in different styles and colors that would all be appropriate for work. When wearing shorts to work, follow these 3 tips:

  1. Don’t wear denim or cargo shorts and make sure they hit just above the knee. Keep anything that doesn’t fit this criteria for the weekend.
  2. Wear shoes, not sandals. Since shorts are already casual enough, shoes will help keep the weekend away from the office. Boat shoes or casual sneakers (like Converse) work well.
  3. For your top, wear a button down shirt, polo or light sweater. Again, keep the t-shirt for the weekend.

Do you have any other tips for wearing shorts to work?

menswear monday wearing shorts to work

(all shorts from J. Crew)

Tips for guys figuring out which shoes to wear

The other day on my way into work, I noticed a guy wearing casual tan cargo pants with dressy black shoes. I felt bad for the guy. He was totally not dressed right, but he had no idea. So, guys, here are some tips for which shoes to wear with which pants so you don’t look fashion-confused like the guy I saw:

  • The safest thing to do is to wear brown (shoes) with brown (pants).
  • If you’re wearing cotton pants or pants with cargos, wear casual shoes.
  • Dressy shoes are usually shiny and thinner than casual shoes. Casual shoes have laces a lot of times and are made of leather or suede.

men's shoes and pants

(left) Dressy: Lauren by Ralph Lauren dress pants / Giorgio Brutini dress shoes

(right) Casual: Dockers khaki pants / J. Crew Quoddy casual shoes

The Great Gatsby clothes

If you pay attention at all to pop culture, you know that Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby premieres Friday! The Great Gatsby is one of my favorite books of all time and I’ve watched Baz Lurhmann’s Romeo & Juliet and Moulin Rouge multiple times, so I have a good feeling about this movie.

Here are a couple fun facts related to the fashion in this new rendition of The Great Gatsby (from PSFK):

  • Brooks Brothers produced all of the men’s clothes in the movie, designed by Catherine Martin
  • F. Scott Fitzgerald was a lifelong Brooks Brothers customer

So naturally, Brooks Brothers is now selling clothes for men inspired by the film in their The Gatsby Collection. They have a lot of good stuff (some of it at a steep price), like the brown wing tip shoes for $598. If you want a piece of the collection, the accessories are a little bit more affordable, like $98 for a gold stripe tie.

brooks brothers gatsby collection

Winner of the Cloak & Dapper men’s dress socks giveaway!

Congrats to megabrooke who commented on this blog for winning the pair of Richer Poorer bright blue socks from the Cloak & Dapper store! I hope Matt makes the clothing menu proud styling these socks in his work wear (here are ideas on how to wear the bright socks to work).

And if you didn’t win these socks, don’t worry! Lots of you said there were other items you liked in the shop so Cloak & Dapper is offering you a 25% discount!

cloak and dapper discount

To claim it, enter clothingmenu25 in the discount code field on the “view bag” page during checkout and the 25% will come right off the subtotal.

Let me know what you buy!

How to wear bright dress socks to work

As I mentioned in Monday’s post, according to my male co-workers, wearing bright dress socks to work is “the thing.” There aren’t many ways for guys to show personality in their work outfits (like there is for us ladies), so I definitely appreciate this new trend for guys. It’s especially fun to see these pops of color around the office as we move into spring. Check out how some of my co-workers are brightening up the office..and enter the Cloak & Dapper giveaway before this Thursday at midnight EST to win a pair of bright blue dress socks for yourself!

how to wear bright socks to work men

bright men's socks

how to wear bright men's dress socks

Men’s fashion spring 2013: camo

spring trends men 2013

Michael Bastian / Dries van Noten

I’m actually really liking this trend for guys who work in a creative work environment like I do. Camo is a trend that you need to wear in small doses, whether it’s to the office or on weekends, but here are some work appropriate ways to pull off this trend (if you’re in a casual office only!):

men's fashion spring 2013 camoASOS green camo shirt

Blue Guess camo shirt

DJP camo sleeve blazer

Blvck Scvle camo pants

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Men’s fashion spring 2013: colored pants

men's fashion 2013 colored pants

Paul Smith / J. Crew

Colored pants is a trend many of my male co-workers have been incorporating into what they wear to work. I have one co-worker who has I think at least 5 pairs of Gap colored pants! I know the hardest part with these is figuring out what to wear with them. I’ll have to put together a future blog post about that, but for now you’re safe wearing black, white or gray with any pair of colored pants.

men's fashion 2013 colored pants 2

Green gap pants

Yellow Levi’s pants

Blue J. Crew pants

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Men’s fashion spring 2013: stripes

menswear spring 2013 stripes

Stripes is one of the trends seen on runways for women and men. This is a staple for any men’s wardrobe – what guy doesn’t own a striped shirt?  There’s nothing at all wrong with that..but this spring, you can try to add stripes to your work wardrobe in some other ways, like through accessories like the Orvis watches. If you wear a tie to work, I definitely recommend you get a striped tie – those were seen a lot on the spring 2013 runways. I’m loving this turquoise Michael Bastian tie.

men's fashion 2013 stripes

Michael Bastian striped tie

Orvis striped watches

Brooks Brothers BrooksCool dress shirt

Ben Sherman messenger bag

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Bright men’s accessories inspired by Pharrell Williams at the Grammy’s

pharrell williams grammys 2013


I really liked how Pharrell Williams looked classy with a pop of fun wearing a turquoise bow tie to the Grammy’s this past weekend. It reminded me that guys could easily have fun with their work wardrobe by adding a pop of color through accessories, like a pocket square, tie, socks or watch. Just remember to wear only one of these bright colors at a time – all four at once would look ridiculous.

turquoise men's accessories

Salvatore Ferragamo silk pocket square / Calibrate satin tie / Trukfit socks / Casio G-Shock watch

Men’s work style inspired by Justin Timberlake at the SAG awards


(Tom + Lorenzo)

Justin Timberlake’s style at this past weekend’s SAG awards was one of the more bold choices in a checkered vintage-looking print – and it worked well!  Similar to last week’s post about wearing plaid shirts at work, Justin’s outfit here is a reminder that plaid pants are also a good alternative to the plain black, navy and grays.  Here are some options:

perry ellis mens pants

Perry Ellis

red code authority mens pants

The Red Code Authority

calvin klein mens pants

Calvin Klein

messagarie mens pants