Men’s work style inspired by Justin Timberlake at the SAG awards


(Tom + Lorenzo)

Justin Timberlake’s style at this past weekend’s SAG awards was one of the more bold choices in a checkered vintage-looking print – and it worked well!  Similar to last week’s post about wearing plaid shirts at work, Justin’s outfit here is a reminder that plaid pants are also a good alternative to the plain black, navy and grays.  Here are some options:

perry ellis mens pants

Perry Ellis

red code authority mens pants

The Red Code Authority

calvin klein mens pants

Calvin Klein

messagarie mens pants


Every man should own this: blue non-iron Brooks Brothers shirt

Yup..that’s right.  I’m writing about men’s fashion! I’ve been told multiple times by my male co-workers that I should write about men’s fashion, but I’ve been putting it off because it’s a little intimidating.  As much as women give guys a hard time about what they wear, men’s fashion does have its challenges.  Guys don’t have the choices between pants, jeans, skirts and dresses like we do, so it can be tough adding variety to guy’s wardrobes. It can also be a challenge getting a suit, shirt, shoes, socks and ties to match. I’ve had to occasionally help my boyfriend with this and even I’ve been stumped a few times as to what tie goes with his shirt.  Anyway, I’m excited to start this new men’s style series on my blog.  Hope you enjoy and please pass this along to your guy friends, boyfriends or husbands!

For my first men’s style post, I’m featuring something every man who works in an office should own: the classic blue dress shirt. My boyfriend owns this non-iron Brooks Brothers shirt and I will say the non-iron part is pretty impressive (no dry cleaning bill!). It needs some ironing when it comes out of the dryer, but not nearly as much as other shirts.  Plus it’s a great quality and available in a variety of sizes for all body types.

Brooks Brothers non-iron dress shirt

Interview with the founder of Urban Caviar

I have no doubt that the 500 or so employees at my company would all agree that Robinson has amazing style.  He is a man who not only understands, but has mastered layering, accessorizing and trying new things while always looking professional.  And for anyone who likes Robinson’s style as much as I do, we have his parents to thank.  His dad is a pastor who Robinson remembers always wore a 3 piece suit to church every Sunday and his mom always wore a nice dress and hat.  Robinson also recently learned that his dad designed and sewed women’s underwear when he was living in Haiti in the 60′s.  Luckily his parent’s style sense influenced Robinson because he has big plans that expand beyond dressing well each day.

Robinson launched Urban Caviar in 2007 with plans to build it into a high-end personal lifestyle brand.  As a busy father of 4 with a full-time job, Robinson is building the brand out strategically. A couple months ago, Robinson started styling, helping men make sure what they buy fits correctly and he brings them to designers to help his clients buy what looks good on them.  From talking with him about his vision for Urban Caviar, I know this is only the beginning for this very talented guy!  Keep in touch with him on his blog, Facebook page and Twitter.

men have style too

i always feature stylish women here and i think it’s time now to give men some credit cause there are some stylish guys out there – and there’s nothing wrong with that!  here are some celebs i think know how to dress and are not afraid to try something new.  any you would add to this list?

justin timberlake

ryan gosling

jake gyllenhaal


jon hamm