What I bought in May

I was really good in my birthday month of May! I only bought two things. I had been wanting a new pair of pastel jeans for spring/summer. I have a light pink pair, but I’ve gotten some reactions, especially in photos, that they are so light that it looks like I’m not even wearing pants! So I thought mint green was a good color to go with to add to the mix. I found this Blank NYC pair at Marshalls of course! And then I had been needing a plain pair of brown flats. I actually misplaced one brown flat shoe last year somehow, so as I was at Target looking for a bday gift for my fiance’s nephew, I happened to walk by the shoe department and found this Mossimo Supply Co. pair. These two purchases came to only $54.98, $145 under my $200 monthly budget!

clothes i bought in may(bad lighting, but those jeans are mint green!)

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The reality of wearing a flowy maxi skirt to work

I really like this flowy pink pleated maxi skirt. I get a lot of compliments when I wear it to work and I like the look of maxi skirts and dresses. But, let me explain the reality of wearing this skirt to work – it’s not easy, especially if you live in a city and take public transportation. To go up and down stairs, which I have to do to get on and off my boat to work and into my office building, I had to lift the skirt up a little and walk slowly so that I didn’t trip over it. Then when I was at the office sitting at my desk, I rolled over the skirt at least 5 times, getting it caught on the wheel of my chair. I’m surprised I didn’t rip it.  These hazards won’t stop me from wearing it again, but I just thought I’d share the realities of wearing a skirt like this to work so you’re prepared if you decide to go with this look yourself. Has anyone else run into these issues?

flowy maxi skirt to work

Dresses to wear to weddings AND work

If you’re like me, you have multiple dresses that you really like, but you’ve only worn them once, maybe twice to weddings. It’s kind of a waste of money and space in the closet, but you don’t want to wear them too many times to avoid wearing the same dress to all of your friend’s weddings. So, next time you’re shopping for a dress to wear to a wedding, think about what you would wear to work so you can find a dress that works for both. Just don’t pick anything that’s too business suit-looking like this cute LOFT mint peplum dress or too bright and bold like this ASOS blue graphic dress.  Here are some ideas for what dress TO buy for a wedding and work (and they’re all under $100!):

work and wedding dresses

striped White House Black Market dress / floral Anthropologie dress / ModCloth chevron dress / Oasap color block dress

What is a skater dress?

I’ve been noticing this term, skater dress, a lot lately while browsing around online. Skater dresses are perfect for women like me who are small on top with curves below the waist because that’s exactly how these dresses are shaped: fitted on top with an a-line skirt. These are great for work as long as you find a dress that’s not too tight on the top or too short. (Aim for a dress that is no shorter than 1 or 2 inches above the knee.) ASOS has a ton of skater dresses! I bought this blue lace ASOS skater dress a couple months ago..although I will say it’s a little too short for work, but I’m keeping it for a date night.

skater dresses for workcolor block Express skater dress / black White House Black Market skater dress / MinkPink striped skater dress / pink 3/4 sleeve ASOS skater dress


Budgeting Bloggers March recap

March was my first month joining the Budgeting Bloggers group and it was also my first month shopping this year. (Not because I was being good, but because I was dealing with a broken arm from mid-January to beginning of March only wearing baggy shirts and not able to drive). But anyway, as soon as I could wear normal clothes and drive again, I was back to shopping! Even with my random splurges (and thanks to a gift card), I stayed under my $200/month budget. Here’s what I got for $160.48 (thanks to the gift card!):

victoria's secret march purchaseFirst, a wrap cover-up dress and bikini from Victoria’s Secret – gift to myself for my trip to Cozumel, Mexico in a couple weeks! I also bought a few other pieces I don’t really want to share on this blog.. This whole purchase was covered by a Visa gift card I got for Christmas.

asos and target march purchases

And then various spring clothes from Target and ASOS. Can you tell what my favorite color is? The Mossimo Supply Co. floral denim pants are my favorite. I also really love the ASOS blue lace skater dress. I originally bought that for work, but it dips down in the back and it’s an inch too short for the office. Instead of returning it (like I did 2 other dresses I bought from them), I’m going to keep it for a date night.

Men’s fashion spring 2013: white on white

spring fashion trends men 2013

Hermes / Calvin Klein Collection

Ok guys – this is a risky one, but I had to share it since it was seen multiple times on the spring 2013 runways. Originally, I was going to write about a white pants trend, but then I noticed white pants with a white shirt was trending. I think it’s best to try this out with one piece – whether it’s the pants or the shirt – and then maybe build up to white pants with a white shirt. Although, I think the white on white would only work in warmer climates or on a hot day. What do you think of this trend?

men's fashion spring 2013 white

Paul Smith white pants

Reveal white contrast buttondown shirt

Armani Collezioni white dress shirt

Dockers white flat front pants

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Men’s fashion spring 2013: colored pants

men's fashion 2013 colored pants

Paul Smith / J. Crew

Colored pants is a trend many of my male co-workers have been incorporating into what they wear to work. I have one co-worker who has I think at least 5 pairs of Gap colored pants! I know the hardest part with these is figuring out what to wear with them. I’ll have to put together a future blog post about that, but for now you’re safe wearing black, white or gray with any pair of colored pants.

men's fashion 2013 colored pants 2

Green gap pants

Yellow Levi’s pants

Blue J. Crew pants

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Brittany Snow shows us how to wear a pretty pink blazer

I love Brittany Snow and it’s all because of the show American Dreams, which lasted only a few seasons, but I own it on DVD.  Yup..  She’s of course been in other things since then (John Tucker Must Die) and is all adult now with her cute new bob.  I love her in this pretty pink blazer – a really cute look for work especially as we get closer to spring. If you feel like splurging, I found a similar Stella McCartney blazer on sale for $519.  If you buy it, you have to send me a picture of how you style it :)

Brittany Snow pink blazer

Brittany Snow pic from Zara is the New Black

A guy’s guy on fashion

My boyfriend is a guy’s guy.  For example, in his 1 bedroom apartment he has 2 bags of ice hockey equipment, at least 3 hockey sticks, golf clubs, a bike, golf balls, tennis balls, and roller blades.  He dresses nice – his closet is full of polo shirts and button-up collared shirts, mostly in the color blue.

And as you know from this blog, I like fashion and like to think that I dress with style.  But I have noticed that my fashionable outfits don’t always translate to my guy’s guy boyfriend.  That made me think about why girls get dressed up.  When you get all excited about the trendy dress you bought, what is the guy thinking?  So this all led to my new blog post series, “a guy’s guy on fashion,” where I’ll post a picture of what I think is a stylish outfit I wore and tell you what a guy’s guy thinks of it, thanks to the honest words of my boyfriend!

We’ll start with this outfit I wore on Saturday afternoon for a casual day watching the Bruin’s/Flyers game at this apartment.  I’m wearing a black Asos tee, taupe lamixx sweater, gray paperdenim&cloth jeans, and pale pink BCBG girl flats (which you might remember from earlier).

(Yup, that’s his bike!)

Here’s what a guy’s guy thinks of what I’m wearing:

the bf: “What are you wearing?”

me: “What?”

the bf: “What are those shoes?”

me: “They’re ballet flats.  Like a ballerina.”

the bf: “They look like clogs.”

me: “Clogs??  Do you know what clogs are?”

the bf: “Wait, no, I mean crocs.”

Huh?  My shoes are not crocs, but he’s convinced they are.  He continued, “The plain and pastel flat dull shine makes them look like material crocs are made of.  They look like fancy crocs.  Like crocs hired Calvin Klein to make crocs.  The jeans look like you’re waiting for a flood.  I like that the jeans are tight, but they look like ankle waders.  I like the black shirt because it’s the most normal thing you’re wearing.  And from the side, the sweater looks like something a male college professor would wear.”

:)  Gotta love him!

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Pretty spring clothes from Fischer Clothing

If you were a fan of the clothing menu boutique when it was open, then you’ll probably recognize Fischer Clothing.  This Brooklyn clothing line just released it’s spring/summer collection, including light-weight feminine tops, floral and denim dresses, and skirts and shorts.  Watch the video below for a peek at the collection and buy the clothes at the newly launched Fischer Clothing online store!

PS – Fisher is a women’s and menswear line, so shop for your man also :)

Fischer S/S 11 from Kristina Angelozzi on Vimeo.

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