HBO Girls Jessa style

I just finished watching the second episode of this season. Shorteralls anyone? Jessa hasn’t been in this season much so far. I think she was pregnant or just had a baby during the filming. Did anyone else hear that? Anyway, for the brief times we’ve seen her this season, Jessa’s style remains the same as last season. I think she primarily shops vintage but might also shop at places like Urban Outfitters or Gypsy Warrior. Where do you think Jessa shops for clothes?

jessa hbo girls style

Gypsy Warrior off-the-shoulder dress / Urban Outfitters disk earrings / Gypsy Warrior printed skinny jeans / Urban Renewal tie dye sweatshirt / Urban Renewal studded leather ankle boots

HBO Girls Hannah clothes

I watch A LOT of reality TV.  It’s kind of embarrasing. There are only a couple regular TV shows that I watch and Girls on HBO is one of them, so I’m super-excited the second season starts in a couple weeks! One part of the show that I like is how different each girl is from each other..yet they’re all friends.  And with their different personalities, comes their varied styles.

Hannah doesn’t seem to spend a whole lot of time or money on her clothes (she can barely keep a job to pay her rent as we know). She probably shops at places like Forever 21, H&M, Urban Outfitters and ModCloth.

feather print Forever 21 dress / ModCloth purple cardigan / mauve Urban Outfitters top / yellow ModCloth flats / ModCloth burnt sienna sweater / Forever 21 striped dress 

What do you think of Hannah’s style?


Hannah pic from

What I wore to work last week

Last week I started taking pictures of myself again in the morning to share my work outfits with you. The best way to see them is to like the clothing menu Facebook page, where I post these the day I wear them.

The weather in Boston last week was a little all over the place.  The day I wore this outfit it was almost 60 degrees in the morning, yet it’s December.  So I wore this short sleeve sweater I got from Urban Outfitters with printed pants and gray wedge shoes.  I love these shoes – so comfortable and they go with every color!

Later in the week, it cooled down and I wore this very fall color inspired outfit.  The cardigan and skirt were bought at Marshalls a couple months ago.


1 denim polka dot shirt, 3 ways

What would you wear with this shirt?

Denim polka dot shirt: BDG from Urban Outfitters

Tan scallop trim skirt: Pim + Larkin from Piperlime  / Gray jeans: Levi’s / Purple jeans: Express



Working girl accessories: cute things for your desk

If you’re stuck at a desk job all day, I can relate. I still find it helps to personalize your desk as much as you can.  On my desk, I have pictures of my family, boyfriend and friends, pictures of Costa Rican beaches from past vacations, a desk lamp and more.

If you’re looking for more ways to spruce up your office space, here are some cute desk accessories:

USB hub

letter storage


pencil set


How do you personalize your desk?


What to wear to work: blouse with jeans

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m lucky enough to work in a casual office where wearing jeans is totally acceptable.  It definitely makes getting ready in the morning a lot less stressful!  Yesterday was a rainy day here in Boston so I decided to go casual.  I’ve had the blouse since last year but always wore it untucked.  This day I decided to go a little preppy and tuck it in with a belt.  What do you think?

Blouse – Kimchi Blue from Urban Outfitters

Belt – Don’t remember

Jeans – 7 for all Mankind (get them here)

Shoes – Anne Klein (I realize you can’t see them, but thought I’d mention them anyway)

What to wear to work: oversized scarf

When I heard it was going to be around 30 degrees outside with a windchill in the teens, my first thought was to wear this warm oversized scarf.  I then planned the rest of the outfit around it by wearing one of my favorite sweaters, accessorizing with a skinny belt.



Scarf – BDG from Urban Outfitters

Sweater – H&M (similar here)

Skinny belt – Forever 21 (similar here)

Jeans – Citizens of Humanity (get them here)

Boots – Aldo

What do you wear to work? Send me a picture! 2 outfits is even better!

What to wear to work: being resourceful

Allie’s outfit looks great for the office, right?  Well, guess what?  That dress was also worn on Halloween!  She came across this dress at H&M for only $15 when trying to come up with a costume.  It’s hard to see in this picture, but the dress has fringe over it just like a flapper dress.  So she wore it for her flapper costume and now wears it at work.  Very economical!

Dress – H&M

Tights – Urban Outfitters

Jewelry – H&M

Sweater – Target

Shoes – Nine West (from Marshalls)

Black nail polish – Sally Hansen

What do you wear to work?  Send me a picture!  2 outfits is even better!


My Favorite Things: Winter 2010/2011 Edition

If Oprah can do it, why can’t I!  I’ve decided to share with you this year some of my favorite things from my closet, starting with what I’ve been wearing this fall/winter.  It was actually an interesting exercise pulling out what my favorite clothes are.  I’ve never really taken a step back to look at what my favorite pieces are and how they go together.  I think when I look at it all together it shows that I have a casual stylish wardrobe.  Try it for yourself.  What are your favorite things from your closet?  What does it say about your style?

And now, here are my favorite things to wear this winter:

1- A black tunic/dress from H&M.  It’s hard to see here, but it has a cowl neck and gathers at the waist and then flows out to an A-line.  I bought this probably 4 years ago now when I lived in New York and it’s still a favorite.  I usually wear it with leggings and boots.

2- A gray turtleneck dress from Urban Outfitters.  Since it’s 3/4 length, I usually wear some kind of cardigan over it.  And since it’s pretty plain, I usually layer a scarf or necklace over it to jazz the outfit up a little.

3- I bought this American Rag jacket from Macy’s last year as an impulse buy.  I went back and forth on buying it because I didn’t really need it, but I’m glad I got it.  I like the different patterns on it.

4- A gray sweater coat thing from H&M from last year.  In the fall, I’ll wear this as a coat.  In the winter, I usually wear it on the weekends to keep warm.

5- I’ve received a lot of compliments on this sweater from Asos.  I bought it at the beginning of the winter as my new staple sweater.  It’s a very drapey sweater at the front and I like that the colors are neutral so I can wear it with anything.

6- I love this tunic from Free People.  It fits my body so well and is great for the weekend days.

7- I wanted a basic neutral color tunic to wear as a layering piece and got this one from C&C California.  I’ll wear it with jeans and heels and jewelry for dinner or with jeans and sneakers for a casual day.

8- This mini skirt from H&M is very bright for my usual wardrobe, but I liked it.  I usually end up wearing this with a black long-sleeve top and boots to work.

9- My favorite Citizens of Humanity jeans ripped this year, so now these James jeans are my favorite.  They’re my “going-out” jeans.  They are hemmed to wear with heels, so I only wear them going out on the weekends or to work on a casual day.

10- Converse Chuck Taylor’s.  I bought these when I lived in New York.  I don’t like wearing running shoes with a casual outfit, so I bought these instead.

11- I love these black suede knee-high Chinese Laundry boots and wear them with jeans, leggings, skirts, and dresses.  The only problem is they aren’t great for winter weather  - the bottom has no grip, so I slip and I don’t want to get them wet.

12- These wedge booties from Blowfish are the only new shoes I bought this winter (I’m not a shoe girl).  I don’t like wearing heels because they are annoying to walk in.  But wedge shoes are perfect because they are so comfortable.  I wear these with my James jeans or various dresses/skirts.