What to wear to a summer internship

Summer internship season starts at my company next week, so I decided to help out new summer interns by sharing some ideas for what to buy to incorporate into your work wardrobes. In putting this together, I realized anyone who works, whether you’re an intern or full-time employee, should have these types of items in your work wardrobe. I will say these are for people who work in a more casual, creative work environment, like a PR agency and not a corporate environment, like a law firm.

The key is to start out with wardrobe staples, like a pair of comfortable brown shoes for men or a pencil skirt for women, and then choose some accessories to keep your outfits on trend, like a watch for men or a statement necklace for women. Any other tips for dressing for work over the summer?

what to wear to a summer internship

men: blue Banana Republic chinos / black Clarks slip-on shoes / Merrell brown casual shoes / blue Brooks Brothers dress shirt / maroon Banana Republic polo / Citizen watch

women: black Gap pencil skirt / blue D.RA peplum top / A-Thread floral blazer / Anthropologie striped dress / TOPSHOP statement necklace / Shop Ruche white flats

Work fashion spring 2013: patchwork print

spring fashion 2013 patchwork

Preen / Julien David

I am big fan of mixing prints, so I really like this patchwork print trend because it’s like an evolution of mixing prints. To get this trend look for articles of clothing with varying prints and colors. Since there’s a lot going on in one piece, it’s best to wear a solid color on top or bottom to pair with it for your work outfits.

spring fashion trends 2013 patchworkWant to own one (or more) of these? Buy here:

Plenty by Tracy Reese black lace patchwork dress

Lucky Brand floral patchwork button-up shirt

Joseph neutral patchwork tank

Patchwork short sleeve blouse from Revolve Clothing

Ted Baker floral patchwork dress

Looking for more spring fashion inspiration for your work wardrobe? Browse my spring fashion 2013 Pinterest board!

Work fashion spring 2013: ruffles

spring trends 2013 ruffles

Givenchy / Burberry Prorsum

I love this trend! Because ruffles means peplum and if you know me, you know I like peplum. I like the femininity of it and peplum happen to fits really well on my body shape. The good thing about the ruffles trend is it spans from ruffle detail on a tank to a peplum dress, so there are varying ways you can wear it. What do you think about this trend?

spring fashion trends 2013 ruffles

Want to own one (or more) of these? Buy here:

Basic Essentials white ruffle blouse

ASOS animal print peplum top

Kimchi Blue pale pink ruffle dress

ASOS lace peplum dress

Old Navy ruffle tank

Lace peplum top from Piperlime

Looking for more spring fashion inspiration for your work wardrobe? Browse my spring fashion 2013 Pinterest board!

How to wear booties to work

What are booties? Booties are boots with heels that go up to around the ankle. They’re a stylish alternate to heels for the winter. The fun thing about booties is there are so many ways you can wear them – with leggings and skirts, tights and dresses, tailored pants, jeans.  How do you wear booties to work?




Ann Taylor

What to wear to work when it’s freezing out

It’s in the teens here in Boston..yup, cold enough! The key to dressing for work on days like this is to layer up. A warm coat, hat, gloves, warm shoes and scarf are necessary, especially if you take public transportation. But once you’re on the train, bus or at your office, you’ll (hopefully) get a blast of heat and need to cool down. Here are some layered outfits to stay warm and cute at work!

winter work outfit


winter work outfit3


winter work outfit4

 Small Town, Big Wardrobe

winter work outfit5

O My Heart

 Which is your fav?

How to wear wide leg pants

Wide leg pants are a sleek way to look professional at work.  The best thing about wide leg pants is that they’re worth the investment since they’re always in style. The 2 keys to styling wide leg pants are heels to further elongate the legs and a fitted top so the pants don’t overwhelm your body shape.  For ideas, check out these:


9 to 5 chic

Private Gallery



How to accessorize a work outfit with a skinny belt

I love skinny belts. They are a great accessory for any one because when worn around the waist, they flatter any body type especially when wearing bulky winter clothes.  Here are two ways I wore a skinny belt to work recently:

1) Skinny belt with a slouchy sweater – usually I wear this sweater with a pair of jeans. I love the shape of it and it’s warm (I got it from ASOS last year). This time I tried bringing some structure to the sweater by wrapping a skinny belt around it and I liked the result!

2) Skinny belt with a blouse – This polka dot shirt was a Marshalls find. It’s not a fitted shirt at all so I like wearing it with a skinny belt to add some shape to it. Similar to this outfit, I also love a skinny belt to bring shape to a flowy dress.

How do you wear skinny belts?

PS – I have a small waist so it’s been tough finding a belt that fits without a lot of extra belt hanging off. All of my skinny belts are from Forever 21 because they are the only place I’ve found that has XS belts.

3 ways to wear leggings to work

Leggings are a necessity for winter in cooler climates.  They are super comfortable, warm and fit nicely under boots for days you have to trudge through the snow or rain to get to the office. There are lots of ways to wear leggings to work.  Here are a few:

1) Leggings with a tunic or dress – this is the most common way to wear leggings. A warmer take on tights!

J. Jill

2) Leather leggings with a sweater – this can only work for creative work environments, but leather leggings under a sweater is a way to add some unexpected style to your outfit.

Brooklyn Blonde

3) Color leggings under layers – this is a fun way to add a pop of color on bland winter days. Wear the color leggings under a sweater or dress and cardigan with a scarf for a comfortable, stylish day at the office!



HBO Girls Marnie fashion

I think out of all of the Girls, I relate the most to Marnie. There are definitely a lot of things I don’t have in common with her, but she’s pretty much the Charlotte of the group, who I also related to. Anyway, Marnie’s style is preppy and polished. She probably shops at places like Club Monaco, Banana Republic and Madewell.

Club Monaco sheath dress / Madewell brown leather boots / gray Club Monaco sweater / Banana Republic burgandy sweater dress / Banana Republic honeycomb sweater skirt

What do you think of Marnie’s style?


Marnie pic from guyism.com. The article this picture was taken from was actually pretty funny..a guy’s perspective on Girls.

Emerald is the 2013 Pantone color of the year!

Not that this means much, but I do like emerald, so I’m fine with the color being more prominent this year since it’s the 2013 Pantone color of the year.  It is my birthstone after all!

It’s a really pretty color and there are lots of ways to incorporate it into your work outfits.

Sydne Style

Street Peeper

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