London work fashion (guest post)

Thanks to Clare from penny for a girl for writing this post!
london work fashion
Inspired by Kristen’s post on wide-leg trousers I thought I’d knock up a little post detailing how I like to wear these lovelies over here in London town. This particular *ahem* understated pair are from Topshop and have got more wear than I ever thought possible when I bought them. Here I’ve teamed them with a 70′s shirt I got in vintage staple-shop Rokit in Covent Garden and a lace waistcoat from Marks & Spencers.
I love these trousers because they are floral, shiny and LOUD but I don’t think that means they can’t be chic or professional. I think we all spent lots of time in our youth working jobs that required polyester-heavy, flammable clothing completely devoid of personality or style. As proper grown-ups, to not inject a little fun into our work-wear I think would be a real shame. Clashing metallics and navy and black – why not? The necklace I’ve teamed this with is from New Look (which isn’t really worth a visit if you’re in town – head to Primark instead, it’s much cheaper and on-the-pulse.) Now I’ve never been a big fan of heels at work – I think you should be ready to spring into action so here I’m wearing flat leather boots from TK Maxx – a brilliant shop that sells a pick’n'mix of discounted labels. The bag is from Accessorize and one of the only ones I own that’s big enough to lug around all my rubbish.
london work fashion 2
For me the important part of dressing for work is remembering that there are a lot of things that you’re not in control of – whether you need to get there via the underground (which in London resembles a tropical rainforest in rush hour), or whether your desk is next to a draught (or the communal biscuit tin – elasticated trousers required!) So my final words – layers are your friends, spandex is not!

What to wear to work when it’s freezing out

It’s in the teens here in Boston..yup, cold enough! The key to dressing for work on days like this is to layer up. A warm coat, hat, gloves, warm shoes and scarf are necessary, especially if you take public transportation. But once you’re on the train, bus or at your office, you’ll (hopefully) get a blast of heat and need to cool down. Here are some layered outfits to stay warm and cute at work!

winter work outfit


winter work outfit3


winter work outfit4

 Small Town, Big Wardrobe

winter work outfit5

O My Heart

 Which is your fav?

How to accessorize a work outfit with a skinny belt

I love skinny belts. They are a great accessory for any one because when worn around the waist, they flatter any body type especially when wearing bulky winter clothes.  Here are two ways I wore a skinny belt to work recently:

1) Skinny belt with a slouchy sweater – usually I wear this sweater with a pair of jeans. I love the shape of it and it’s warm (I got it from ASOS last year). This time I tried bringing some structure to the sweater by wrapping a skinny belt around it and I liked the result!

2) Skinny belt with a blouse – This polka dot shirt was a Marshalls find. It’s not a fitted shirt at all so I like wearing it with a skinny belt to add some shape to it. Similar to this outfit, I also love a skinny belt to bring shape to a flowy dress.

How do you wear skinny belts?

PS – I have a small waist so it’s been tough finding a belt that fits without a lot of extra belt hanging off. All of my skinny belts are from Forever 21 because they are the only place I’ve found that has XS belts.

What to wear to work: inspired by Pippa Middleton

Pippa Middleton has a real job.  ”Real job” meaning she has a job just like any of us working as a party planner.  Sometimes I forget that since we see pictures of her just as much as we do actresses or models.  Anyway, here is one of her outfits that is perfect for the winter/fall (and happens to be my favorite type of combination for work – it’s comfortable and stylish):

(image from

What makes this great is that this layered look is a way for you to wear your summer/spring dresses into the colder months.  Bright prints and floral work year round as long as you pair them with a dark color cardigan and tights.  You can then accessorize with a skinny belt, bag and boots just like Pippa!

What do you wear to work?  Send me a picture!  2 outfits is even better!

Look what I bought!

I’ve been looking for a pair of everyday winter boots.  I had a gray pair last year that I got at DSW that worked for the season, but didn’t make it through the winter.  I ended wearing them so much they got a whole in the heel, which wasn’t helpful when walking through snow.  So I got a Toms catalog in the mail the other day and saw some cute fleece/faux fur lined boots that they said are warm, so I thought I’d give them a try!

I’ve worn these once so far and they are warm.  I’m a little hesitant to believe they’ll last through walks in the snow and sand through the winter.. so we’ll see!

how to dress in the winter

figuring out how to dress in the winter while staying stylish is a challenge, especially for those in areas of the world where snow and wind and freezing temperatures make you want to bundle up as much as possible. but, take some tips here from stylish celebs on how to look good and stay warm.

kim kardashian

  • black and blue coat
  • 3/4 quarter sleeve coat with sweater underneath
  • leather fingerless gloves
  • knit hat

taylor swift

  • camel coat with cable knit sleeves
  • burnt orange knit scarf
  • tights and heeled oxford shoes

leighton meester

  • black and white checkered coat
  • black lace tights
  • knit hat

how to stay warm and stylish in the winter

tip #1 is to pick one statement accessory. did you find a cute hat that keeps you warm and doesn’t mess up your hair? did you receive an eye-catching hand woven scarf?  wear that statement accessory confidently and pair it with neutrals, like a black hat or gray gloves.

and if you don’t have a statement accessory, check out the family-run business of FutureCraft.  they make hand woven scarves and hats in beautiful designs and prints.

and for tips #2 and #3 on how to stay stylish in the winter..check out my article on the Examiner. com.  i’m now a boston fashion and style examiner.  :)  let me know what you think!

choices, choices

it’s winter sale season – yay! that means not feeling so guilty about a shopping splurge at your favorite store and it means the beginning of gearing up for spring..and warm weather. here are some items on sale from some of my favorite independent designers – clothes from the super stylish Erika Hendrix and Built by Wendy and from organic and sustainable designers Stewart + Brown and Elroy. happy shopping!